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Footprint-Free PBN Backlinks

Powerful PBN rentals and permanent PBN backlinks without the stress

Basic PBN Rental

$240 /per


$20 per Month

  • Order for 1 Link
  • Domain is DR 0-10
  • Link is edited into existing homepage content
  • Link stays on homepage while you continue paying rental fee
  • Link is deleted when canceled
  • 12-month recurring payments

Xtreme PBN Rental

$720 /per


$60 per month

  • Order for 1 Link
  • Domain is DR 31+
  • Link is edited into existing homepage content
  • Link stays on homepage while you continue paying rental fee
  • Link is deleted when canceled
  • 12-month recurring payments

Footprint-Free PBN Backlinks

  • High Quality Links

  • 100% Do Follow

  • Contextual

  • Homepage Links

  • Tested Blog Network Security

  • Penalty-free Domains

  • Zero Footprints

  • Quality Content

  • Hand-Written Content on Legit Websites

  • Real-looking PBN Sites

  • Top-Notch PBN Quality

  • Secure Network

Frequently Asked Questions

PBN backlinks are links that come from domains that have been repurposed to pass link juice to other websites.

These domains (known as PBNs) harness the power of their backlink profiles to help other sites rank.

PBN links are a very powerful type of backlink for more advanced users.

No, PBN links are not white hat.

PBN links are considered black hat links and should be used by more advanced users only.

We do everything possible to keep our network safe and secure, but you must still follow link building best practices to avoid any complications.

PBN backlinks are one of the most powerful types of backlinks used by SEOs to help increase their sites’ rankings.

You can use PBN links to get an edge over your competitors by getting powerful homepage backlinks that pass tons of link juice.

You should only use PBN links for your site if the site is healthy and has a quality backlink profile.

If your site has a low-quality backlink profile or is currently losing a lot of traffic and keywords, they might not be a good idea.

You can send PBN links to any page on your site including your homepage.

You can use natural anchors or exact match anchors depending on what your site currently needs.

When in doubt, we like linking to the homepage with branded, generic, and URL anchors.

You may view a sample report here.

We can provide the best PBN links for almost every niche minus some things like anything scammy, escorts, etc.

We can provide PBN links in most languages.

Homepage rental links are deleted if you do not pay when it’s time to renew. PBN niche edits and PBN guest posts are not deleted while the blog is still online.

Rentals are for homepage links only, and you must continue paying the rental fee for the links to stay live. You only need to pay once for non-rentals.

No. You will be billed every 6 or 12 months automatically until you cancel payments.

We have a one week grace period for our PBN rentals. If you want to cancel after a new payment has been made within this period, we’ll refund you.

We try to stay away from this as it’s unnatural and can create footprints, but you can ask us and we will consider it.

Nope! This is to ensure the safety of our network which will not be compromised.

The only metrics we guarantee for PBN links are the ones listed on the pricing tables.

It typically takes us 3 days or less before posts go live, but this is not guaranteed and may take longer in some cases.

This should be OK in most cases, just let us know when you are ordering.

All sales are final once work has started.

In most cases, we will be able to give you a new link on a different domain.

No and no. We take care of all of this to ensure the safety of our PBN and the sites we link to.

We can’t answer this for you. There are too many factors to consider like your on-page, other backlinks, competition, niche, and much more.

If you need more help with link building, you can look into our Managed Link Building program.

No, we do not. We consider this to be a footprint, and not blocking bots can help us keep the network safer.

While we do try to place articles on PBNs in your niche, this is not always possible due to availability as well as avoiding overlap with other clients which can create footprints.

We aim for article-level relevance when building PBN links. This means that the article will be relevant to your topic, but the domain may post content about more than one topic. Some domains may be more niche-specific than others.

Also, depending on your niche, we may have to use a parent niche. For example, if your niche is “dog sweaters for chihuahuas,” we will most likely need to use parent niches such as “dogs,” “pets,” or even things like “home” that could make sense contextually.

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