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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Buy YouTube Dislikes?

If your youtube video gets a lot of likes and doesn't have even a single dislikes on it then your video will look unusual and it won't seem organic when a video has thousands of Likes but have zero dislikes on it. To make it look more genuine you should also get YouTube dislikes. If you want to buy for your competitor video then you can also buy dislikes.

You can buy dislikes from Woorke, where you get high quality, 100% real and Authentic dislikes. We are having multiple payment gateways. We have our own dashboard where you can track your order status and can communicate with us directly.

No, not at all. By having some dislikes on your video adds authenticity to your account. It has the same effect as likes. If you want to buy Likes in bulk then consider to buy dislikes too it will not harm your video but it will look more authentic and genuine.

You can buy dislikes by simply clicking on the order now button. Then select the amount of dislikes you want to buy. After check out you can provide the link of your video.

Yes, get in touch with our support agent custom discount. While the Discount of 10% is always available to use. The code is 10OFF.

Yes, it's 100% risk-free, Our Service is Full Safe and Secure for to get Dislikes with our services.

We instantly start when you place an order for Dislikes. No wastage of your Time 😉

No, you will not. The main reason is that we deliver dislikes from 100% real and active youtube accounts. Our accounts are warmed up on daily basis so that the delivered work look natural and organic and does not affect your video or account.

The Dislikes would come from our different social networks where we advertise your video. Reaching the specific number of dislikes we over deliver then after reaching specific number we stop adversiting your video and complete your order.

No. We only accept one link per Order. If you want to buy in bulk then we can split the order between the links.

Well, this is quite normal in YouTube. If someone Like your content they will simply hit the thumbs up button if they don't like your content they will simply hit the thumbs down button.

No, there is no way to know that who have dislike your video. Also the owner of the channel also don't know they just get notification the number of Likes and Dislikes nothing else.

Normally this option is not disabled by many YouTubers. But if you want to disable follow the steps.

1. Open your Channel then go to the Dashboard.
2. Click on Advance Settings there Disable "Show Ratings".

No, this is not a scam. In terms of YouTube this is considered as normal. It totally depends on you how you use the service.

No, this is not illegal. Cause all our services are real, organic and human based. So all the Dislikes will be from geniune users.

We will just need to submit the video Link on the order page after making payments.

Yes, of course it does. By adding few Dislikes to your video, makes the video look more natural and organic. If you have thousands of likes and having zero dislikes on your video, then it would seem unreal, which can hurt your credibility.

The dislikes or any other services at Woorke are of top quality. We try our level best to provide relevant to niche. We provide 100% real, organic and authentic services.

Yes. We can provide you bulk YouTube dislikes right now if you want to place the order, we are always ready and can deliver you bulk YouTube dislikes without any delay.

By considering that the dislikes are a de-ranking signals and it's quite unpleasant and look awful sight on YouTube, then you might want to buy some dislikes a video in order to discourage potential viewers and disrupt rankings of your competitors.

Yes, with our services you buy dislikes for your video comments. You can mention specific comments so that we can add exactly the dislikes.

No, we won't ask you for any other details or logins except the video link to start promoting it.

No, our services are 100% safe and secure for your youtube account. You won't get penalize at any reason cause all our dislikes will be from 100% real and organic accounts.

At the moment we are accepting Paypal, Bank transfer, Perfect Money, Cryptocurrency and Credit Cards as well.

Absolutely! We are offering Special rates for Bulk Buyers. Get in touch captain!

Unfortunately not. As you can packages are at superlow prices so that you can perfectly buy for testing the services first.


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