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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy google reviews?

You can select the package of your choice then on the order page select the quantity. After checkout you can provide the text for reviews this is how you can buy google reviews.

If you want to make your business more wider and reach to more local customers then you must buy reviews on google. Buying is very simple and convenient. You can select our website to buy reviews as well.

You can select the package of your choice and then you can provide us the text for reviews and you can also write whether to give you 5 or 4 stars. But all 5 stars are not good cause any business is not so perfect that recieves 5 stars only.

You can buy reviews with our website. You can select the package of your choice then after checkout you can provide text as well.

A Google Map Citation is the mentioning of your business name or may be with few optional details of your business as well. Google citations can be from different websites like yelo, tripadvisor, trustpilot etc.

We accept almost all countries all citations can be done for any of your location of world.

Local ip must be used in order to maintain the citations natually. If your business from New York then New York ip should be used to do all citations.


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