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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get endorsements on linkedin?

    In order to boost exposure, increase relevant responses on your video to get maximum user engagements, then you must buy Youtube Comments. The more comments and views your video have then more your get better exposure. Buying comments also increases your Youtube views cause the user has to watch the video to comment on it.

  • Do you service ask endorsements from others?

    Yes, we invite other people through our own network to add peoples to your profile.

  • Is buying linkedin endorsements legal?

    Yes, it's 100% Legal. As long as you are buying from an authority, genuine and legitimate sellers.

  • Do you service have any example of your service?

    Yes, we can give you lots of examples of our services. But due to our privacy policy we can not share someone else examples with you. You can make a test order if you want to try the minimum package.

  • How do your service write them?

    We have team of experts who will write the content for you.

  • Can I hide them?

    Yes, it depends on your choice if you want to hide the crediblility of your skills then you can hide it on your profile.

  • Can I get custom text when I order?

    Yes, sure. You can always put on the order page whatever you want to mention.

  • Why should I buy endorsements on LinkedIn?

    If you want to improve verifications of your skills, talents, knowledge, background, experience, capabilities then you must try endorsements service.

  • Does buying Linkedin endorsements actually work?

    Yes, of course. It has an importance scenario in getting endorsements service.

  • Can I buy it safely from your website?

    Yes of course. There is nothing to worry about we keep your privacy confidential.

  • Do LinkedIn Endorsements matter?

    Yes of course. Endorsements is the measure of your credibility and authority.

  • What Does Real Endorsement means?

    Real means endorsements that are being provided to you from authentic and real LinkedIn accounts.

  • Are the profiles fully completed?

    Yes, all our profiles would be filled and will be having profile info already filled.

  • What will be the date of the endorsements?

    After purchasing the order will be completed within 24 hours depending on your requirements. They will have at current date when you place an order.

  • What kind of people or profiles should I buy?

    It totally depends on the job listed on your profile. You should select that specific niche to boost your profile in the specific niche.

  • I want to from non-US profiles?

    Yes of course. You can get from non US profiles as well.

  • Can I remove the endorsement after providing?

    No, we won't be able to remove after providing. This would be a little hard process cause the peolpe come from all real and organic method contacting them would become very hard.

  • How many endorsements on LinkedIn is good?

    It totally depends on your choice. The most you get the most credible your profile becomes.

  • How to increase endorsements?

    You can use our linkedin services to increase your endorsements. You can get unlimited endorsements.

  • How to buy?

    Just click on the Order Now. Select the number of endorsements and then click on checkout.

  • How to view your delivered endorsements?

    You can see the number of endorsements on your post by open your LinkedIn account and select the post you want to see the endorsements.

  • Any Discount For me, I am new to your website?

    Yes, A Discount up to 10% on your First welcoming Order using a code 10OFF.

  • Is it Safe?

    Yes, it's 100% safe and secure. Cause all services would come where social network...

  • How much time does it take to start the delivery?

    It depends on the quantity you have selected. The order can take from 24-72 hours to be fully completed.

  • Can my account get banned for buying endorsements?

    No you will not. Cause you are not doing anything wrong. Your account will not get banned.

  • Can I split the order?

    No. We only accept one link per one endorsements Order.

  • What are the payment Options?

    PayPal, Perfect Money, Credit Card, BTC and Bank Tranfers are available.

  • Any good Discount for Bulk Order?

    Yes of course. Get massive discount exclusively on bulk purchase only. You can contact our support to avail the discount.

  • Do you offer free trial for endorsements services?

    Sadly not. We can't offer free trail cause our packages are at super low prices as compared to other seller. This makes it perfect to test the service.