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10 Claps

  • Premium Quality Claps
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  • Unique IPs
  • Unique Clap Accounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Your Medium Claps Real or Fake?

    We promise to deliver legit medium claps using no bots. This means that we be will delivering 100% Real Medium Claps from all Real & Active people of Medium. You can easily track through your profile as well.

    With the help of real claps, there might also be a chance that they may also be interested in your other posts.

  • Will I get into trouble if I buy Medium Claps?

    If the service provider deliver fake claps using bots then you may get in trouble otherwise there is nothing to worry about.

    Woorke promises to use no bots. Only Real and Active Users of medium will clap your story to ensure the Safety of your account.

  • Will I Receive my Medium Clap Orders Fast?

    Yes, for minimum quantity we complete the order as soon as possible. If you have purchased large amount of claps then it can be completed according to your order time frame to ensure they look authentic and don't drop.

  • Can I Order Medium Claps From a Specific Place (Geo-targeting)?

    For Targeted package we mostly provide claps from US medium users. If you want to have from other countries you can mention on the order page. We will try our level best to fulfill it accordingly.

  • How many Medium claps should I get?

    It entirely depends on your requirements. Or logically if you really want to have an idea for how much I should buy then go to top search of medium search bar then try to look for the hashtags you want to give the story which comes at first result you should have greater number of claps from them if you want to rank your story.

  • Can I buy Medium claps for an old article?

    Yes of course. You can buy it for any kind of post whether it's too old, fresh and few weeks old. We provide it for any kind of posts.

  • Any Discount For Me?

    Yes, get in touch for a big massive discount on your first Order!

  • Is it Safe to Buy Our Medium Claps?

    Yes. We promise to deliver 100% Real claps on your story. It's 100% risk free and Our services are legit within Medium’s Terms of Service.

  • How long does it take to start the Claps delivery?

    We instantly start when you place an order for Claps. No wastage of your Time.

    The delivery time for 10-100 Medium Claps are completed in 24 hours, while 250-1000 in 4-7 days and the rest can take up to 14-20 days. We always deliver gradually over a period of time instead of delivering it at once to make sure the natural growth of your story and to protect the safety of your medium account. Our team members spread the promotion and deliver a specific and safe amount of claps on daily basis.

    We don't promise to deliver it faster just because to ensure the safety of your account.

  • Can I get banned for buying Medium Claps?

    No not at all. Millions of people are uses social media marketing agencies to buy Medium Claps to grow their Medium stories instantly with a few claps and followers. It's the easiest, fastest and full proof way to grow your Medium Story and Encourage more peoples to read it.

    Boost your Story today! And spend your valuable hours on writing and publishing insightful stories on the Medium instead of waiting long hours getting zero or few claps.

  • Where do the Claps come from?

    The Claps would come from a different array of our own social networks where we will advertise your story.

    As a result the claps you receive are Worldwide. If your story is available in certain countries feel free to contact our support agents before placing an order.

  • Can I split the Claps between multiple Medium Accounts?

    Unfortunately no, we don't split for small quantity orders. We can split claps if you have bought 1000 claps or more.

  • What are the Buying Options?

    You can checkout through PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfers, Perfect Money, Webmoney and Credit Cards as well.

  • Discount for Bulk Order?

    Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more.. Get in touch captain!

  • Do you offer free trial for Medium Claps?

    Unfortunately not. As we have packages at superlow prices that would perfect fit for testing the services. You can order small amount in order to test our services for first.

  • How fast can you deliver the claps?

    We won't deliver it faster if your claps are above then 250. To protect your account and grow your story naturally we spread promotions periodically to deliver a specific amount of claps on daily basis.

  • Will medium remove my post or article from search engine?

    No, medium won't remove your post or article for any reason from search engine. Cause all our claps are 100% real and from active medium users. We also spread specific amount of claps not all at once to ensure the natural growth and safety of your account.

  • Is this service black hat?

    No, it's 100% White hat. We use our own social networks to fulfill your orders. We promise to no bots.

  • Why do I need to buy Medium Claps from Woorke?

    Woorke is an online marketplace. Every services are evaluated on the basis of their price, quality, reliability, speed, and delivery time to make 100% that the service you get would be the Highest Quality!

    Also get free drop replacement on your orders for 15 days. Our prices are also cheap and we provide 24 x 7 customer support which makes it easier for you to choose Woorke instead of wasting your time with the wrong ones.

  • What advantages do I get from your service?

    Get free drop replacement for 15 days, 24 x 7 customer support, cheap price per clap and a clean dashboard where you can track your orders.

  • Will it rank my medium article in top?

    Yes, but we won't guarantee it. Ranking depends on your competitors claps as well. You need to get that much claps to rank your story on the top searches.

  • Do you guys use any bots to make these?

    No, We promise to use no bots. All our services are handpicks and provided manually.

  • Why other services are cheaper than this one?

    Woorke is not aimed to be the most affordable service provider. We want to offer the highest quality service and be as safe as possible. Most of our customers find it cheaper as compared to the quality we are providing.

    Most of our clients find our pricing for claps cheap as compared competitors and for considering the quality of our service.

  • Can I buy 1000 claps and split it into various posts?

    Yes, we can split 1000 Medium Claps on several stories.

  • What's the difference between claps and upvotes on the medium?

    Claps are used to get the most exposure and appreciations on your stories while upvotes are used to rank it higher on the medium.

  • How many claps can you give on medium?

    We can provide unlimited claps on your medium. We can provide up to 5000 Claps if you want to order more then you can get in touch with our support agent to send a custom quantity amount of claps.