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WordPress Theme Development & Customization Service​​

Get custom theme in wordpress, Get WordPress Custom theme from scratch


$45 /per



  • Customizing basic
  • Color or fonts Changes
  • Design Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Upload
  • 24×7 Customer Support


$195 /per



  • Integration with other site
  • HTML, JS, PHP, Adjustments
  • Design Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Upload
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Features of our WordPress Theme

  • Your Custom Theme

  • Fonts and Color Schemes

  • Fully Responsive

  • Search Engine Friendly

  • In-house developers

  • Fast Performing

  • 100% Quality-Assured

  • Aesthetic Themes

  • Complete Transparency

  • Timely Delivery

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • And much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

At first We usually discuss and set a rough design brief together with your details the sort of things you are looking for in a website - functions, example websites and visuals are all things to consider.

Yes of course. You can easily make small changes to text or images or may add blog posts. No technical knowledge is required if you can't do it then you can also let us know or drop a message to us.

You can add upto 6 products as part of this add-on. If you want to add pictures we can also provide you a professional editing expert as well.

No, that's not how we work. The price we will quote would be the price you pay for the agreed for completion of work. If there is anything extra to be added in your existing order then we will quote for this before beginning the work and let you know.

Yes of course. Your website will perfectly fit to any of the device you scroll.

Please drop a message to help you out. Also you will be guided to install plugins or anyother requirements.

Yes and we encourage you to do so. For smaller business, a smaller website is usually the best place to start. As your team and services grow, you can also expand you website through WordPress.

Yes we will create a plugin/theme from scratch. You can contact us before as well to ask for your customization or modification level.

Yes, with the extensive knowledge We're able to fix almost every error.

No, normally I need WordPress admin credentials and FTP access.

Yes, we do. Please drop me a message to discuss the details of your project.

We begin the development process right from the moment you get in touch with us. We analyze your requirements and provide you with a suitable quote that you can afford. Noticeable templates, attention to detail, and the top standards of coding quality will ensure your website stays competitive for a foreseeable future. Our themes are straightforward and customizable. We understand the impact of our work on your business. Hence, we insist on the highest quality of work that gets delivered.

We cover every aspect of WordPress theme development. Quick features:

  • UX design from scratch
  • PSD /AI conversion to WordPress
  • Mobile-First orientation for cross-platform compatibility
  • W3C & Google speed verified theme as per latest protocols
  • SKETCH to WordPress Theme Development
  • HTML5 to WordPress Theme Conversion
  • UI Prototypes to WordPress Theme
  • Squarespace to WordPress Theme Conversion
  • Wix to WordPress Theme Conversion
  • Responsive WordPress Theme Development

Absolutely! Every theme we build is 100% unique and custom.

Sure! We can customize your theme, layout, page builders, and framework themes. We make all major or minor modifications, providing you highly polished WordPress themes, optimized for interactive experience across all devices. We can also integrate your PSD, PNG, or JPEG files into WordPress themes which will function evenly on all devices.

Sure! We know how to structure our WordPress theme development process to get the right balance between user-friendly and search-optimized webpages.

To ensure the final product is error-free and appealing we follow a strict procedure which involves consultation with the client about requirements, developing a prototype, designing the theme, developing the ultimate framework on the preferred platform, and finally installing, updating, and testing the theme.

  • Our WordPress team will share their questions and you’ll provide us with your inputs to estimate the project. 
  • If you already have design files, we would need those files to evaluate the project. 
  • If you have a running website and need some changes, we will be requesting you to share WordPress backend details, FTP / cPanel access. 

While sharing such information, we are always open to signing an NDA to protect your project information.


Of course! The themes we develop will deliver smooth performance on all devices including smartphones.

We can upgrade your wordpress theme to the latest version. Get in touch with our experts through live chat and share your source code. We’ll upgrade it right away!

Yes, we use the most flexible WordPress theme that allows you to make changes anytime you need. You can also request minor changes; we’ll execute them right away without any additional cost.

We can develop WordPress themes using React frameworks Frontity, Next.js, and GatsbyJS, leveraging the WordPress REST API. We handle bundlingtranspilingroutingserver renderingretrieving data from WordPressmanaging state, managing CSS, and creating AMP pages to create a robust React WordPress theme.

Yes! We can convert your PSD file to a responsive WordPress theme. The process includes splicing the PSD file, integrating bootstrap, coding each element into HTML/XHTML, Conversion into WordPress theme file structure, and finally adding custom functions and features to the theme.

Sure! We can customize your third-party theme by creating a child theme and editing the functions.php and style.css files directly.

Of course! This can be done via customizer, depending on your theme customization options or theme editor, directly editing the files.

Sure! We can add custom functionality to your theme by installing essential plugins, adding widgets, registering custom post types and taxonomy, SEO enhancements, adding custom feels & extra features.

Sure! Our experts can create plugins to add functionality to your theme. The plugin will enable you to switch themes at your convenience.

We can! To do that, we’ll need access to your server to connect via FTP or File Manager.

We can develop APM compatible themes, adoptable to any niche, improving your customer’s mobile experience.

For a specified period of time, if a client is dissatisfied with a particular service, we ensure a timely revision and fix without any cost.

We generally work with agency clients and over 80% of projects are NDA protected but sure, we can share some references from clients who agreed to be part of such reference checks. We keep these project records available for the client to prove our work credibility. Feel free to contact our experts for further inquiries.

Of course! NDA policy is followed strictly and foremostly to insure confidential relationships with our clients. The NDA will last the timeframe you prefer.

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