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Professional Migration Service​

We'll Safely Transfer Your WordPress Website To A New Host

Bug/Issues Fixing

$120 /per


High Quality WordPress Service

  • Clone To The New Domain
  • Old Host To Another New Host
  • Sub-Domain To Root Domain
  • Old Domain To Another New Domain
  • Local System To A Remote Server


$300 /per


High Quality WordPress Service

  • Clone To The New Domain
  • Old Host To Another New Host
  • Sub-Domain To Root Domain
  • Old Domain To Another New Domain
  • Local System To A Remote Server

Why Get Our Migration Service?

  • Website Backup

  • Website Migration

  • Website Cloning

  • Transfer Website To New Host

  • Root Dmain To Sub-Domain

  • Staging Site To Live Website

  • Website Transfer

  • SSL And Top Quality Security

  • 100% Safe and Secure

  • Custom Order Quantity Accepted

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • And much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin my project with you?

It's simple, you can either contact us through our live support or write to us email.


There's no problem. We don't have a limit on websites to migrate each day. You can order as many times as you want and also combine them. Just add everything in the cart and pay at the end.

No if you are providing only FTP than I will need phpmyadmin / database access as well to transfer your website Completely.

Yes! There is not an issue if your current hosting doesn't have cPanel. You can send me WordPress/Other control panel interface.

Yes we can! But if your website is viruses you must order the 'CleanUp Service' too. You can't afford to migrate a virused website to a new location. This process will take longer but well worth it.

Mail transfer is not included in basic service, it will be transferred on demand. and please be noted that Mail transfer is only possible from Cpanel to Cpanel. We Provide 24 Hour Replacement Guarantee, Usually, our service never makes any Customer Un-happy.

1. WordPress Logins of Your Both Website.

2. Hosting/cPanel logins of Both Source and Destination Servers.

3. Domain Registrar Logins (InMotion, Godaddy, Namecheap, etc).

No. There are no limits. We migrate websites of every size. Please message us if you have any questions regarding the website size.

We can still help you. There is no issue if your current host doesn't have cPanel. You can send me any control panel interface. We've worked with most of them and we can handle it.

Yes, we can migrate it.

Yes, we will provide you the solution which will be feasible for both price and speed of sites.

We are here, we also provide best solution architecture which will suit you best.

Unfortunately not, You would need to setup your domain and hosting before you order our service so that we can make installation.

Depending on order quantity all installations are mostly completed within few hours from time you make an order if the logins are provided correctly.

Yes sure. We will proceed to set up the theme you have provided with the sample content to check the matched demo, also your original content won't be touched.

Unfortunately not. We won't be unable to upload the content for you. You can take help through online or video tutorials to upload content for you.

We try our level best to keep the downtime to a minimum. The downtime for your process depends on how long your domain's DNS needs to propagate. In other words, this is a normal timeframe ISP (Internet service provider) the hubs all across the world the break they take to update their records with your domain's new DNS data. This normally can take 24-48 hours depending on where you are in the located in the world time zone. We recommend to transfer your website mostly on weekends when your site is least active.

If you have created an email address with your previous hosting service provider you must need to create the email address again with your new service provider. Similarly same applies if you have any email forwarders installed to need to setup the forwarders again for new email.

Yes you can change the name. We can transfer your website to your new hosting & configure Setups for your wordPress website to work with your new domain.

Yes sure. As far as the hosting company you want to choose supports WordPress's requirements. We suggest you to confirm before contacting your new hosting company before signing up. If you not sure which hosting provider to choose you can search some online.

To start working on your migration process, we'll need your current and new hosting account details. As soon as we have transferred your website files and database, we'll ask you to update your domain's DNS.

No. You choose whether to give access to your database or send us directly a database dump we can work with.

No, you can simply give us a duplicate of the information base yourself to play out the migration, if the webpage is online and openly available please give the URL since this will assist us with testing our created WordPress website when playing out the migration.

No. You can continue existing WordPress information. Simply instruct us to ensure the migration won't overwrite any of your current WordPress content. Tell us you wish this element from the earliest starting point to ensure there won't be any difficult when bringing in the information.

No, you can take the consequence of the migration and use it in your neighborhood establishment to test the new site before going live.

Yes, the SQL file can be very large while sending it specially if it includes cache tables. Zipping the file don't decrease the sql file size it may remain the same. The simplest way is to use online free resources like below:




It includes an email address on which on you want to send this file with a download link. You can check these websites and search for how to send sql file.


As usual you should always backup your site cause you may need it at any time. Also you need to backup while at the time of migrating.

Each and every migration is different so it must be configured individually. So as to offer an incredible support we generally practice first the movement cycle to your particular prerequisites and arrangement. We are totally persuaded this is important to ensure your fulfillment with the produced WordPress site.

Various plugins are used to get migrated. For images you can use NextGen and Portfolio slideshows plug-ins. For Audio & Video files you should use wordpress video plug-in & oEmbed HTML5 audio plug-in. For SEO you can use WordPress SEO by Yoast.

You can pay the services at purchasing time. Or may be if you are out of budget then you can pay 30% of the money to start working on your order and 70% in the middle.

Yes sure. We can offer good discount for you. Although our prices are affordable we can still offer discount for you as well.

You can pay through PayPal, WebMoney, Crypto Currency, Perfect Money, Bank transfer and credit card.

Yes, there is no issues. You can connect your current domain to the new wordpress website. You can use any domain you like on the new site using any domain providers such as Bluehost or others. Then we will connect this to the WordPress hosting you select at Bluehost.

Yes, of course it's possible to change the domain name. Only redirection would be require to redirect traffic from old domain to your new domain.

Depending upon your website the order can take 3 days to fully cover migration. During this period of time you can use your blog as usual there will be no downtime.

No, you won't lose any content. All your posts and pages will be transferred to the new site.

Don't worry all posts and pages will be shifted to your new site.

No, there won't be any downtime at the time of migration you can use your blog as usual.

Yes, of course. You can use your blog at the time of migration.

We will migrate your posted, scheduled and drafts posts at your new website. You won't lose anything.

Yes you can use any domain providers you personally prefer or like. We will be able to connect it to your wordpress website easily.

You can select the package according to your requirements and the package which is suitable for you to complete your migration.

Yes, sure. You can use the any other wordpress website adsense on your new website.

Yes of course, You can fully control your site. You can install whatever you like.

No, the migration won't affect your rankings at all. Migration actually helps you improve the SEO cause there will be better content structures. We will install Yoast Seo plugin to start seo as well.

Yes of course. You can use the plugin Polylang to get multi-language WordPress blog.

At beginning we will create an account after completion we will handover the account to you then you can change the password to avoid any kind of issues.

No, all comments will be still there on your blog.

The comments from Google+ will be displayed at the bottom section of your blog.

Please check the pricing section to know about the prices better.

If you can make full payment at first then it would be better otherwise we won't start at partial payments.

Yes of course. We do support multisite migration.

We will be needing access to your current website the website you want to migrate. You can perform the work throgh your current hosting dashboard, cpanel, or FTP/SFTP.

Follow the link to get your custom perma link: URL link structure, go to Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

Yes of course. The thing is for standard WordPress host to host migrations there won't be any change in your current site design or functionality.

We are accepting Paypal and Cryptocurrency at the moment, We are going to accept Credit Cards as well soon.

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