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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these safe for my profile?

Yes. of course. These are 100% Safe for your profile and business as well.

You can send us the link of your tripadvisor, the ratings if you want like 5 stars, 4 stars, etc. And the Review text on the order page.

Yes of course. You can use your own content. You can submit the content on the order page.

Depending upon quantity you have purchased we can provide all your reviews in 24 hours. If you have purchased in bulk then we recommend to get 2-3 reviews per day.

We can provide almost all kind of languages. You should mention the language so that our team doesn't need to translate it.

If you purchased only 1 it can be provided within 24 Hours. If you have purchased 10 then we will provide 2-3 reviews per day.

Yes, we can remove it no worries. You would only need to update on the order page with a screenshot to remove the review.

Yes, we can provide it. You can let us know how much you want.

Yes of course. Good discount can be availed only if you are buying in bulk.

Yes. You can let us know on the order page. You should select the custom option to get Geo Targeted.

Yes, it's 100% legal. Cause normally customers don't leave reviews so you can make your ratings better with help of our services. Normally may of your unhappy clients leave reviews the happy ones don't leave it. so you can overcome the effect with our services only.

No, cause there is no proof with them to tell you exactly that you have bought you reviews from here.

Yes, it's 100% safe and secure. We collect reviews by the different array of our networks where we advertise your page. We are collecting reviews organically way so all reviews are safe completely!

We instantly start when you place an order for reviews. Your reviews can take 24 hours if you have bought only one review.


No you will not, Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies to buy reviews to increase their sales and visibility.

We would just need the TripAdvisor URL of your product or service only. No login info, password or any admin access needed.

The reviews would come from different array of our networks where we will advertise your page.

No. We only accept one link or service per TripAdvisor Reviews order.

We are accepting Paypal and Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money and Credit Cards as well.

Yes, you can use your own writing content. You can provide us all review in a normal txt file.

Yes of course but if you are buying more.. Get in touch captain!

Sadly not. As our packages at superlow prices that can perfectly fit for testing the services for first time if you don't trust our website.


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