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$6.25 /per


25 Post Shares

  • Improve Post's Exposures
  • Get Higher On Searches
  • Reach Wider Audience
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Logins Required
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Drip Feed

$5.50 /per


25 Post Shares

  • Improve Post's Exposures
  • Get Higher On Searches
  • Reach Wider Audience
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Logins Required
  • 24×7 Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of profiles are going to give me LinkedIn shares?

You will get shares from normal users of LinkedIn profiles. You can also request US, Uk, and other country profile shares as well.

You can first ask in our live chat. This comes in a super specific niche that is very hard to find. But we can still provide it.

Yes, of course. For Drip Feeding you must buy 1000+ Shares so that we can distribute per day cause we can't provide less than 50 shares per day.

Getting LinkedIn Shares will help your post rank higher in search results. The more people find your post, the higher your post comes! Your profile visitors can clearly see your genuine value as a professional.

If you are using Linkedin Web, then you can simply copy the URL of the post. If you can using a mobile app, then click on the share button and copy the link to the post.

No, we don't need logins to start working on your order. Woorke will never ask any of their clients about the username and passwords to their account.

You will get notifications when your post is being shared. The number of shares doesn't increase on your post. In LinkedIn, the post shares counter doesn't work. If your post is shared from thousands of profiles your post won't show any number as well.

You can use our LinkedIn Shares services to increase your post Shares. You can get unlimited posts Shares.

Just click on Order Now. Select the number of Shares and then click on checkout.

You can see the number of shares on your post by open your LinkedIn account and select the post you want to see the Shares.

LinkedIn shares are not visible to anyone whether they are added with you or not. The count of shares doesn't increase with shares number. This means if someone shares your post the number doesn't increase after sharing.

If you are making a bulk purchase of $2500 then we can give you up to 20-30% Discount. Otherwise, you can use the discount of 10% on your first order.

Yes, it's 100% safe and risk-free. Your account will be 100% Safe with our services.

You won't be able to delete the shares once delivered. Cause Linkedin doesn't allow you the option to delete the previous shares from your post.

Your order will be started instantly when you place an order for Shares. If you don't get an update on the order page then it will be started within few hours due to massive orders in queue.

No not at all, Cause Millions of users use social media marketing agencies to buy Shares & Followers to increase their engagement and visibility.

No, there is no way that people will tell you that you have bought shares until and unless you tell them. We will be using real user's profiles to provide shares. We keep our client's privacy our top priority.

No. We only accept one post per Shares Order.

We are accepting PayPal, Perfect Money, Credit Card and Crypto Payments.

Absolutely! Discounted prices for on your bulk purchase. If you are welling to buy to make a bulk purchase.

Unfortunately not. Our shares prices are at super low you can buy a small amount of shares to test the service. Then you can make a large purchase later.