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Fast LinkedIn

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50 Post Shares

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Drip Feed LinkedIn

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50 Post Shares

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  • Get Higher On Searches
  • Reach Wider Audience
  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • 24×7 Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of profiles are going to give me LinkedIn shares?

When you buy LinkedIn shares from Woorke, you can rest assured that the shares will come from real profiles with active LinkedIn accounts. You can choose the country of the profiles, as well as their gender and other demographic details. This ensures that the shares you receive are from real people who are interested in your content and can help you increase your reach and visibility on the platform.

Yes, it is possible to buy LinkedIn shares from crypto currency niche profiles. At Woorke, we offer LinkedIn shares from a variety of profiles that can be selected based on specific niches or industries. This includes the crypto currency niche, as well as many others. Our team of experts works to provide shares from real and authentic profiles to ensure that you receive high-quality shares that can help improve your engagement and visibility on the platform.

Sure, it is possible to get your order completed gradually instead of all at once. At Woorke, we offer a drip feed option for our LinkedIn shares packages, which allows you to choose the speed at which you want the shares to be delivered. This way, you can avoid any suspicion and ensure a more natural and organic growth of your content. Simply select the drip feed option at the checkout and choose the number of days over which you want the shares to be delivered.

Obtaining LinkedIn Shares can enhance the ranking of your post in search results. As more people discover and engage with your post, its position in search results will improve. Additionally, your profile visitors will have a clearer view of your authentic worth as a professional.

Yes, you can buy LinkedIn shares to increase the visibility and reach of your content. When your content is shared by other users, it increases the chances of it being seen by more people, which can lead to higher engagement and potentially even new connections or job opportunities. At Woorke, we offer affordable and reliable LinkedIn share packages to help boost your social media presence.


Yes, you can buy LinkedIn shares from various online service providers, including Woorke. Our platform offers packages for buying LinkedIn shares to help increase the visibility of your content and improve your overall social media presence.


Yes if you buy LinkedIn shares from us we provide shares from genuine profiles that can help increase the visibility of your post and ultimately, your profile. We understand the importance of authenticity and quality, which is why we prioritize providing real shares from real profiles to our clients.

Buying LinkedIn shares can help increase the visibility and engagement of your posts. When your post gets shared, it has the potential to reach a wider audience, which can lead to more likes, comments, and overall engagement. This increased engagement can also help boost your post's visibility in search results, making it more likely to be seen by potential connections and employers. Aslo having a higher number of shares can help establish you as a thought leader in your industry and increase your credibility as a professional.


No, there are no risks involved in buying LinkedIn shares if you purchase them from Woorke. We provide shares from real and active profiles, which ensures that your account is safe from any kind of risk or penalty. You can be assured that your account is in safe hands with our professional and reliable services.

After you purchase LinkedIn shares from Woorke, the delivery process begins within a few minutes. However, the rest of the delivery time depends on the number of shares you are buying. You can expect to receive your shares within a reasonable timeframe. If you have any concerns or questions about your order, you can contact Woorke's customer support team for assistance.


Yes when you buy LinkedIn shares you can split them between multiple posts. At Woorke, our minimum package is 50 shares, but we can split it between two posts, which means the minimum share we can do is 25 per post. However, we do recommend purchasing separate packages for each post to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the shares.

To find the link to a specific post on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

Log in to your LinkedIn account.

Go to the post that you want to share or promote.

Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the post.

Click on "Copy link to post" from the dropdown menu.

The link to the post will be copied to your clipboard, which you can then use to share or promote the post.


Woorke doesn't require your login credentials to initiate your order. We will never ask our clients for their account usernames or passwords.

You will get notifications when your post is being shared. The number of shares doesn't increase on your post. In LinkedIn, the post shares counter doesn't work. If your post is shared from thousands of profiles your post won't show any number as well.

While there are various ways to increase LinkedIn shares, one effective method is to buy shares from a trusted service provider like Woorke. Buying LinkedIn shares, you can quickly boost the visibility and engagement of your posts, which can lead to increased shares and more exposure to your network. Additionally, you can also optimize your post content with attention-grabbing headlines, engaging visuals, and relevant hashtags to encourage more shares and interaction from your audience.

To buy LinkedIn Shares, follow these steps:


Go to and select "Buy LinkedIn Shares" from the list of services offered.


Choose the number of shares you want to purchase and select any additional options you may need, such as drip feed or country targeting.


Provide the link to the LinkedIn post you want to receive shares on.


Complete the checkout process and make the payment.


Once your payment is processed, your order will be sent to Woorke's team for processing. Shares will start appearing on your post within a few minutes, and the rest of the shares will be delivered according to the selected package.

You will receive a confirmation email once your order is complete.

To view the number of shares on your LinkedIn post, simply log in to your account and select the specific post you wish to check.

LinkedIn shares are not visible to anyone whether they are added with you or not. The count of shares doesn't increase with shares number. This means if someone shares your post the number doesn't increase after sharing.

Yes, we offer discounts on our services from time to time. You can check our website or contact our customer support to know about any ongoing promotions or discounts. Also, if you are a returning customer, you may also be eligible for loyalty discounts.

Yes, it's 100% safe and risk-free to buy LinkedIn shares. Your account will be 100% Safe with our services.

You won't be able to delete the shares once delivered. Cause Linkedin doesn't allow you the option to delete the previous shares from your post.

Your order will be started instantly when you place an order for Shares. If you don't get an update on the order page then it will be started within few hours due to massive orders in queue.

No, buying shares on LinkedIn won't result in a ban. We use safe and legitimate methods to deliver shares to your post, so there's no risk of getting banned. We've been providing LinkedIn marketing services for a long time and have never had any issues with accounts getting banned.

There is no way for anyone to know that you have purchased LinkedIn shares unless you disclose it to them. Woorke uses real user profiles to provide shares and ensures client privacy is a top priority.

You can buy LinkedIn shares with PayPal, Stripe, Crypto, Perfect Money, WebMoney and Payoneer as well.

Of course a good discount will be offered if you buying LinkedIn shares in bulk, you can contact us for discount.

Unfortunately not. Our shares prices are at super low you can buy a small amount of shares to test the service. Then you can make a large purchase later.

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