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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to order or buy Facebook accounts with Marketplace?

    Simply select the package you want to buy then click on the Order Now button on the order page select the required account again. After checkout, you will be given access to the dashboard where the account will be delivered to you.

  • How many facebook marketplace accounts are for sale?

    We can provide unlimited marketplace accounts. Usually we always keep in stock facebook marketplace accounts of random countries.

  • Are these fake accounts?

    No, these are 100% real accounts. They are created on random informations.

  • Do these marketplace shipping option enabled?

    Unfortunately not. Right now we are not providing the marketplace account with shipping address. Those accounts get banned directly after listing 2-3 items on the marketplace.

  • How many US or UK Facebook accounts are available in bulk?

    We can provide unlimited US or Uk marketplace accounts. You can buy in bulk the delivery will take 10 - 20 minutes.

  • Does this come with instructions how to use?

    Yes, we will properly deliver instructions after purchasing the accounts. You can read the delivery message carefully of how to use the facebook marketplace accounts.

  • Are these softreg or manually created?

    All of our facebook accounts are manually created accounts. We don't use any software to create mass accounts. All the accounts are handmade or manually registered accounts.

  • Does this come with SSN?

    No, we don't provide id verified accounts. These accounts won't have SSN with it.

  • Are these aged?

    We can provide fresh as well as aged marketplace accounts. Aged will range from 2011-2019 are considered to be best for marketplace functions.

  • Do these accounts with daily activities on the profiles?

    Not all the accounts will have daily activities. These are specific requirements, we can provide such kind of account with activities on it.

  • Are these accessible from any country?

    Yes, you can access it from any other country. You may need to use a vpn or proxy to operate the facebook account.

  • I need single accounts from US - CANADA - EU - AUSTRALIA - Asia?

    We can provide it. You can buy marketplace accounts of US, Canada, European countries and Asian countries. All accounts are created using dedicated ip addresses of the respective countries.

  • Cheaper price for bulk buying?

    We are providing at unbeatable prices throughout the market. But if you are willing to buy in bulk we can provide discount up to 20%.

  • Replacement guarantee?

    Yes, if the accounts we deliver doesn't login successfully we will provide replacement for 24 hours. If you have purchased in bulk then replacement can be provided within 5-7 days.

  • How's the quality and engagement on these?

    We will deliver high quality accounts. If you want accounts having engagement on it then you can let us know. Engagement accounts are very hard to find, but we always have in stock.

  • If need technical support for (checkpoint, restricted advertising, etc) how would that work?

    We are providing accounts with proper instructions only upon ordering the accounts just. If you want technical support at checkpoint, restricted advertisings and much more then you should contact us through livechat so that our expert can guide you properly by charging a little fee.

  • Are these ready for listing?

    Yes, you can use it for listing directly. But after Google updates you need to use the accounts normally to warm it up then you can use it for listing directly.

  • What information is delivered upon completion?

    Upon completion you will have account logins information and how to avoid disabling the account with proper informations in the delivery message.

  • Do you have Old/Aged FB accounts with Marketplace?

    Yes, we can provide Old/Aged FB marketplace accounts. Most of the clients ask for accounts from 2011 - 2019 which are best for marketplace functions.

  • Can I get it with cookies?

    Yes, we can provide cookies for the logins but if you don't understand how to login with cookies then it's useless to ask for the cookies.

  • Are these warmed?

    We can provide warmed up accounts.

  • Which country have shipping-enabled accounts?

    Yes of course you can ask for shipping enabled account from our support.

  • Female profiles?

    Yes you can ask for any gender you want.

  • Which one is best suited for me ID or no ID?

    Our accounts are not ID Verified and neither the account will ask for it so you don't have to worry about ID verification.

  • When will I receive the order?

    If the accounts you have purchased are available in our stock we will deliver them instantly or within few hours. Else wise you will wait for some time to find the perfect account for you.

  • Can I choose AGE or GENDER and other requirements?

    Yes of course. You can choose the Age for the Fb account you want to buy. Choosing a Gender can be hard cause we have ready-made accounts in our stock we will try our level best to find an account according to your requirements. Otherwise, you can choose custom Fb accounts.

  • Do aged Facebook Marketplace accounts have any Friends?

    Yes, the aged Facebook Marketplace Accounts have friends as well as activities. The friends can be 50 or more depending upon the age of the account.

  • What kind of activity do the Facebook Market Place accounts have?

    The only possible activity can be uploading profile images to gain Likes and Followers. Other activities may be Liking and Following other posts.

  • Where were the accounts created?

    The accounts are from mixed countries. If you want a specific country account then let us know before or on the order page. We can deliver almost any country's Marketplace account.

  • Do I need Proxies?

    We always recommend fresh IP for any account we deliver. In the case of multiple accounts, please use 1 IP for one account only. Facebook's algorithm gets strict day by day and if you do not use Fresh IP, the account might get disabled even on the first login. We won't refund if the accounts get disabled by the client's mistake.

  • Are these Phone verified PVA?

    Yes, they will have a verified Email as well as a linked Phone number. We would recommend adding your Personal Phone number after warming up the account to easily bypass Facebook Verifications.

  • What security do they have set, and what I should have in mind?

    The accounts will have 2FA activated. We will deliver 2FA codes with the account. When Facebook asks about 2FA codes, you can copy one of the codes and paste it there. You will be logged in successfully. Also, the passwords are never changed. Once you log in to the account don't change the settings fast. Facebook may suspect that you are trying to hack the account. You must do warm-up for few days.

  • Can I Buy verified Facebook Marketplace accounts here?

    Most definitely, you can buy any year's Facebook Marketplace accounts here. We can manage almost any country's MP activated accounts.

  • How many aged Facebook Marketplace accounts you have in stock? Can I buy in wholesale?

    We have unlimited stock of Aged as well as Fresh FB Marketplace Accounts. If you are buying in the bulk amount we can give you a huge discount.

  • Do these accounts comes with a profile? Can I use these Marketplace accounts to sell my product in a specific region?

    Most definitely, you can use these accounts as Marketplace accounts as well as personal accounts. These Facebook Marketplace accounts come with a profile as well. You can easily sell your products in any region by utilizing the Marketplace feature in these accounts.

  • Do you have old facebook accounts with Marketplace?

    Of course, we have old Facebook Accounts with marketplace. Jump into the inbox captain.

  • Will I have a BM feature?

    We have another package of Facebook BM Accounts. You can buy the ready-to-go accounts there. You can make an aged BM account for you as well. You can find some online help to enable the BM option.

  • Can I return accounts?

    Unfortunately not. Once the accounts are delivered to you you need to properly maintain the accounts. We are offering a free replacement for 24-48 Hours in the case of non-working accounts. The accounts that don't let you log in will be replaced within 24-48 hours.

  • Is woorke looking for resellers?

    Yes, you can create a ticket describing your offers then we will let you know.

  • Do I have to face any verification or Is there any security issue?

    Yes, Facebook is getting hard day by day. So you should be prepared for the security challenges you might face you will learn how to properly set up and run the accounts overtime...

  • Any discount on the first order?

    Yes, Discount up to 10% on your First Order. The code is 10OFF

  • Is it safe to buy our Facebook Accounts?

    Yes, it's 100% risk-free, Our service is fully safe and secure to buy Facebook Account.

  • How long does it take to deliver Facebook prepaid Marketplace accounts delivery?

    We will deliver your order instantly. Depending on order quantity your order can be late or delivered within few hours.

  • Do they have a profile picture setup?

    Our Facebook accounts are complete in all respect. It would have a clear profile picture as well.

  • What if my account gets banned for some reason?

    First, your account won't get banned as we create them ourselves. If for some reason they get banned, then we would replace it with a new one free of cost.

  • What are the Buying Options?

    We are accepting Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Bank transfer, and Credit Cards as well.

  • Discount for Bulk Order?

    Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more. Get in touch with our support agents!

  • Do you offer free a sample Account?

    Unfortunately not. As we have packages at super low prices that would perfectly fit for testing the services.