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You can buy Favorites and rank your videos - positive engagement is what it takes to rank

Targeted 50 Favorites

$24.9 /per



  • High Quality Favorites
  • Improve Video Reach
  • Refill Guaranteed
  • 100% Safe & Private
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  • 24×7 Customer Support


$27.99 /per


Drip Feed , Per Hr/Day

  • High Quality Favorites
  • Improve Video Reach
  • Refill Guaranteed
  • 100% Safe & Private
  • Instant Start
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Features of our Youtube Favorites

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy YouTube Favorites?

Yes, with Woork you can buy as many favorites you want. You can increase the ranking of your video or channel with the help of Favorites.

No, they won't drop. The favorites we providing comes from genuinely real users, so they remain stable over time. If they are dropped then we can provide refill for free.

Yes, it's 100% legal you can buy Favorites. There is no such law in any country mentioned that YouTube Favorites are illegal. Also the service we are providing are from all real and organic youtube accounts.

Yes, you can buy favorites for your competitor as well. Remember if you want to make your competitor video rank higher then you then you can buy but if you want to de-rank then we don't suggest it cause it will promote your competitor video.

Absolutely! With Woorke you can get all 100% Real and cheap youtube Favorites. We have variety of worldwide accounts and Targeted accounts as well if you want to buy Youtube favorites USA, Canada, Uk, Austria, Germany, France etc.

No, it won't cause the Favorites we deliver are 100% from real accounts they won't drop.

We only need a video Link to start working on your order. Your privacy remains safe and secure. We don't share your data for any marketing purposes.

After making payments, depending on the amount of favorites you have bought we will start working on it.

In order to boost your video or content.

You can select the package above and click on the order now on the order processing page you can make payments

Yes, you can. Your order can be fulfilled by users from geo-targeted or specific countries. If your YouTube video is available for specific countries, then contact support before placing your order so that they con confirm it.

The Favorites woudl come from different our social networks where we advertise your account to fulfill your orders. After completion the advertisement is stopped it's only for the specific time period to gain favorites on your videos.

Yes, you can select the drip feeding option to schedule Favorites. You can let us know on the order after making payments so that we can deliver the specific number of favorites for you.

No, for small number of favorites we only accept 1 link per one order. If you want to buy in bulk then we can split it for you.

Yes, you can run ads on your video while your video link is active with us. There is nothing to worry about. All our services are 100% real and authentic.

If you don't find the right package for your video, you can simply get in touch with our support agent so that they can create custom order for you.

If your order is marked as complete and you don't see any increase then you should contact us immediately. We usually don't complete order without delivering services to clients.

Almost any type of video is accepted for our services. There is no specific requirements to buy our youtube favorites.

It depends on your choice. But we can suggest after have a look of your video link. Depending upon the views, comments and subscribers you have, we will suggest the amount of favorites to buy.

Your order will be started instantly. You can start gaining favorites within few hours.

Unfortunately not. You can select the minimum quantity available to test our service.

If you have purchased 50 favorites then it's only for 1 video. If you have ordered 1000 favorites then we can allow upto 5-10 links only.

Yes, it's 100% safe for your Adsense. It has nothing to do with the Adsense. Also your youtube account remains safe with our services.

We can deliver as much as you want. But for safety reasons we only allow those number of favorites which we think will stick to your video and won't drop.

After making payments, you will be given access to our dashboard where you can provide the link of your video. The order will be completed within the next few hours.

Yes, it's 100% Safe & risk-free. Your video and account both remains safe and make your video or channel more popular.

No, it can not. You are not doing anything wrong. Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies to buy Youtube Favorites increase their popularity, ranking and visibility.

We are accepting Paypal, Perfect Money, Bank transfer, Cryptocurrency, Crypto, WebMoney and Credit Cards as well.

Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more..

Unfortunately not. As we have packages at superlow prices that would perfect fit for testing the Youtube Favorites.