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The term Social Media is heard and said a lot these days. But its meaning is quite confusing. Some people consider Facebook and other websites to be as the Social Media. If that is the case then Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and many such sites will also be considered as Social Media, but they do not work as the Facebook does. Their features, motos, nature, is entirely different.

Social Media is a broad term. It is normally used for the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. By just relating these few websites with the word Social Media will be totally unfair and misleading.

So, what is Social Media??

If we want to understand what does Social Media mean, we need to first break the word into two different words, social and media. Let’s look at these two different words separately.

Social: Social means “relating to society or its organization” this is what Google says about the word Social. In general, terms, social means interacting with the people around you by sharing information that you have with them and receiving information that they possess from them.

Media: Media means “the principal means of communication” according to Google. Media is anything or any medium used for communication. It could be anything like Television, Newspaper, Radio, etc. These were few conventional means of communication that were used before the Internet became so familiar.

If we bring these two words together, we will know that the Social Media means anything that makes us communicate with our fellow human beings. Because of the widespread use of

Because of the widespread use of internet, the world has become a global village. People have come near. It has become extremely easy to communicate what you feel to the whole wide world.  These social media websites have brought people together and helped them to form a community.

Through these websites it has become easier to promote your products or services. Nowadays people do not only use these websites to come near but for promotion purpose too. You can successfully run a promotional campaign through your social media accounts.

If you are looking for help then I am here to help you promote your product/service.

Who I am?? What I will do??

This gig offers my eBook. In this report I will teach you how to do attractive marketing to get the leads you need for your products or services using social media. 

THIS IS NOT about buying leads or internet marketing. This is about how to get real live people who might want your service or product so you can TALK to them.


Social Media Posting Service 33 Posts on Social Networks

Social Media Posting Service 33 Posts on Social Networks – Complete Social Media Marketing Solution

Social media is the best option for marketing. About 92 % of people make use of social media to market and promote their brands or products. Business through Social Media gives you increase in sales and increases your customers. It gives your brand recognition and visibility because of which it is easy for the new and old customers to find you. When you provide your customers what they want i.e. high-quality service, they will become your permanent customer and the loyal one.

To get high ranking and to be on top of Google search engine, you just have to make your customers happy and keep the struggle to find more and more clients. More followers will drag maximum traffic to your site and then you can easily get high rank in no time.

When new product come into the market with so much demand, it attracts each and every person it results in maximum customers and profit. So always provide good quality to attract maximum followers for your site.

Complete Social Media Marketing Solution to Market your Business

Why choosing our service?

We will post your link on 33 different social media sites. It will give you a tremendous amount of audience which will result in high ranking for sure, and we guarantee you that.

  • Posting will be done on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • High ranking on Google search engine guaranteed
  • Our service will provide you high PR backlinks with high website authority.
  • Maximum sale and maximum traffic to your site guaranteed
  • Search engine optimization

Look for the amazing packages.

  1. BASIC PACKAGE: Main Social Media Package
  • 33 posts on different social media
  • Page setup and campaign development
  • Page Optimization & Marketing plan
  • Unlimited revisions with 10 social media posts


  1. STANDARD PACKAGE: SEO package all in one
  • Page setup and campaign development
  • Page Optimization & Marketing plan
  • Unlimited revisions with 10 social media posts
  • Management duration-4 weeks


  1. PREMIUM PACKAGE: Complete SEO package
  • Page setup and campaign development
  • Page Optimization & Marketing plan
  • Unlimited revisions with 10 social media posts
  • Management duration-5 weeks

Order now and get your site maximum traffic with the utmost profit.


Buy Professional Pinterest Page for your Business

I will set up a Professional Pinterest Page for you


§  Pinterest is the most popular and fast growing Social Network which will help your business grow in next to no time.

§  The content you share on Pinterest has a longer Shelf life than any other social network website.

§  The longer you content stays on Pinterest, the more it becomes visible and generates more traffic, rather than losing its worth in a few hours like the content on Facebook or any other social media website.

§  There have been many misconceptions regarding Pinterest like only females are on it or like only wedding or food content is available there. Trust me it is not even 1 % correct.

§  Pinterest will help you in promoting your business to a whole new lot of people. And if even one of them pin your content to their profile, it will be repined by 10 more people and other 10 more people will repin it.

§  So your content will be off and fly to new top peaks immediately.


I will be creating a Pinterest page for you, where everything will be done.

I will add 5 exceptional boards to your profile and will get them famous with relevant pins.

Any business should have a minimum of 10 boards.


You will send me your current profile link existing on Pinterest

So all you need to do for me is signup on your Pinterest profile and rest will be handled by me.


Syndwire a powerful SEO tool being used all over the place to flare up websites, content, videos and PBNs.

Never knew it would soon be lead by another responsive SEO SOURCE MACHINE. Surely Syndwire is having a strong competitor now.

I have been using Syndwire for more than a year, just because it increases Ranking in Google much faster than we presume.

I served over 700 clients with the Syndwire and the results were amazing. A smile on the clients face says it all.

Still its good to try a new tool.  In testing SOURCE MACHINE i was absolutely shocked to have outstanding results.

Through this tool Nearly 30 Videos got viral and were at the first page of the Google search. Of course, for each video i used a Source Machine.

Want me to  put your video, web 2.0,social property, a site or anything else on Google’s first page?



  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Bitly
  • Blogger
  • Delicious
  • Instapaper
  • LiveJournal
  • Pocket
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress

How will you know i did my job?

You will get a detailed report of profiles on which the posts were made . Sit back and just relax.

The reporting feature only provides the link to the profiles where the material was posted.

NOTE: In the start there is a possibility that there are loopholes in Source Machine SEO but have patience i will definitely fix it and provide you with my utmost efforts and time. Still there are things beyond control as Source Machine is new.


Buy Vimeo Video Views, Likes, Plays 250 Guaranteed!

250+ GUARANTEED Real Vimeo Likes

Vimeo is great video platform where you can post professional videos online at extreme 4k quality; great videographers are on Vimeo posting their videos

If you want to stand out and want to shine then, you must do something that everyone else has not done yet.

If you want to get prominent to the world and want to make everyone see you and share your content/ videos then you should make it famous by marketing it without marketing effort your hardcore valuable videos won’t get a chance to get viewed by people.

But how are you going to make them famous, this is where our services come handy.

Cheap Vimeo Marketing Service!

Start boosting your Vimeo Videos and outcast the competition with this thunderstorm marketing service you will get views on your Vimeo video with tons of likes and plays now no wait to launch your business and make instant money out of it!

If you want to increase Likes of your Vimeo videos here is the service delivering 250 real Vimeo video likes at incredibly cheap rate

We offer 250 REAL Quality Vimeo Likes

More likes mean higher rankings and your video is more likely to appear in Google search results.

This will help you go viral and get even more exposure to your company.

Secondly, If you have many Likes, then you could become a video partner as well.

5 Features of our Service

Quality Guaranteed

Real Likes

Different Geo-Location Based

Cheap Rate

100% Refund Policy

package #3

I will do social media campaigns for your youtube video

I will put your YT video on Boost!!

  • I have experience of social marketing and online marketing of 10 years.
  • Best tools and techniques will be used to make your video more viral and to make it more exposed so more and more people can see it through social media.
  • You will get 100% guaranteed results according to your expectations.
  • I am very much committed to my work and my first priority is to provide you best results possible.
  • To become a name and for getting acknowledgment of your work and channel you need to have 3000-6000 visitors, all of these should be from social media platforms.
  • Just views are not important but most important thing which Google notify is for how long viewers stay on your channel or website. Here I will assure you that most of audience will stay longer on your channel and they will watch full video.
  • I will provide you real and authentic views.


Get perks/Bonus:

  • All of your social media accounts of channels will be promoted (Instagram, twitter, Fan Page)
  • I will also put your video on my facebook page for more authentic viewers and I will spread your YT video on my own social media channels, where I already have large number of visitors like:
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Tumbler
  • LinkdIn
  • Vine
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Blogs
  • Forums


In case if you won’t find my services satisfactory I will offer full money back guarantee.

Order Now!

package #4

I will endorse YT Video with Social Blaster Technique

Ok!!1 so you have created a very interesting or informative video and also you have uploaded it on your YouTube channel! Now you are sitting and waiting for some miracle o happen and all of sudden your video will get viral and people will rush to your video. No it does not gonna happen this way. You need to struggle for making your video viral so more people will get to see your video.

I will endorse YT Video with Social Blaster Technique

Here in this service we guarantee you that you will get 100% secure and authentic views from real accounts we don’t support ant robotic and in organic views to your video. So you can get high ranking and for sure so much dollars.


Very professional and experienced SEO consultants will help you for getting genuine traffic.
You will get:


  1. Your Video will be promoted to the audience that is concerned in what you do!
  2. SEO and Social Media – Promotion of your videos on Social Networks and Blogs.
  3. 100% genuine! –advertisment will be done on our own SOCIAL NETWORKS and Blogs with millions of AUDIANCE!
  4. Until now, we have converted more than 90% videos of our clients in to high quality retention views.
  5. Subscribers, comments, and likes are all dependent on people how they like it, and how much that video will provoke people to get involved in your video.

package #5

” Master yourself on Social Media”
Master yourself on Social Media Learning Course Service [Buy this Service]

This gig is about the tips and tricks of how to utilize social media for marketing purposes.Here I will show you the fruitful tips and tricks about the social media. I will show you my in depth Social Media Tips and tricks to get you and your business to the top of many Social Media outlets.

What Social Media Networks are covered ?

  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

What am I going to Teach you :

  • How to create a Social Buzz and get more people talking about you
  • Convert your new followers from leads to Sales!
  • Creating a Social Media Marketing that Gives you the best Results
  • Using our Strategies Building up your network on LinkedIn
  • 7 Simple and essential Steps To a Great Strategy
  • Our Secret Rules of all Social Media
  • How to set up a Facebook page that works!
  • Using Twitter to lead to an online prominence & How to attract More Twitter followers
  • What actully Google+ is & How to use it to expand your Following
  • Creating a YouTube Media Plan And how to make Market and Advertise your Videos

There is SO MUCH VALUE here you are getting a personal teacher!


package #5

Promote You Tube Video to get SEO Links and Reviews from Clients Total Social SEO Solution
You Tube Video Boom  is the package to get the SEO links and signals, build up the traffic and boom here goes your video on the top.

$5 Package includes:

  • 1000 real time reviews
  • Bookmarks (250)
  • 10 Customized comments ( write it down for us)
  • About 50 likes
  • PR3 Profiles (100)
  • Money Back Guarantee

YOU TUBE BOOM PACKAGE for $100 includes:

  • PR3 blog posts
  • Tumblr posts
  • Weebly posts
  • Word Press posts
  • 100 FB shares
  • 100+ G shares
  • 50 Social Network Mix
  • 50 WikiMedia Links
  • 10 Press releases
  • 25 manual web 2.0

And much much more

Provide us a video. Now sit back and relax. We will do its magic.

Attention: The comments provided by the viewers should not be deleted irrespective of the fact it is a positive or negative review.


package #7

Social Media Promotion

I am a Professional Social Media Strategist and have been doing social media advertising for many years. My core expertise are Advertising, social media marketing and anything that includes Advertising. My work is promising and will be up to date. For more information kindly review my GIG.


GIG Description

I can handle all your platforms such as

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Management is done via Hootsuite or Buffer! Posts can also be provided in a Word document with images in a file!

For this gig I will:-



As part of this gig I will post a guaranteed minimum of once per day (this does not include interaction and retweets)!

For more information about this gig and additional services I provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

I can also create an custom order please do not hesitate to contact me.


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