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Html to WordPress

  • 1 Day Delivery
  • 1 Page Conversion
  • Design Customization
  • Content Upload
  • Responsive Design
  • 24×7 Customer Support

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$240 /per


Html to WordPress

  • 4 Days Delivery
  • 6 Pages Conversion
  • Design Customization
  • Content Upload
  • Responsive Design
  • 6 Plugins/Extensions

Let's convert your HTML website to WordPress website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Need To Convert Your HTML Site To WordPress?

Old-school HTML websites are out of trend. Let us build a more dynamic and powerful website for you with WordPress. We are masters of WordPress.


We can convert your inert HTM pages to dynamic and operative WordPress pages. Below are some major reasons to ditch your HTML site and go for WordPress.


WordPress is a more dynamic CMS.


WP pages are easy to create and well-manageable.

WP Sites and pages are more SEO-friendly and Mobile Friendly than HTML.

WordPress offers complete freedom of customization for websites and page themes.

Availing a myriad of plugins is another reason to develop your website on WordPress.

It’s easy to improve the website’s functionality with WordPress plugins.

24/7 Support of WordPress’ vibrant community makes it easier to use and navigate.


The final price depends on the design and interactivity needed.

Time of completion depends on the complexity of the project. If it's more complex then it will take more time.

You get unlimited revisions with each service bought, including after-sale support.

You would need to have Hosting or WordPress Login Content or text that will go on each page of website Ecommerce Product images with prices If you do not have content then no problem I can set up the site using dummy data which can be easily replaced with original text.

We will provide complete assistance and future changes without any cost. We would be available instantly once you message us with any changes or updates you want so we can do that.

Yes you would be able to manage the website yourself. We will provide you complete backend access that will allow you to manage your website easily. We will also provide you basic WordPress tutorials on how to update your website easily.

For that just provide me that website URL that you want to make your site similar we will check it and let you know more details.

We do complete auto backup system on your hosting as well as within WordPress website so you can easily restore whenever you need to.

Yes, all websites we do are SEO optimized. I will do various SEO tasks to boost your website SEO score.

Yes, we can create e-commerce site. you can easily add product, prize, images, discount, etc

Yes, we can create HTML also if you have not.

Yes, we can create it for you from scratch. Just mention us which one site you want.

Yes, tell me your requirements. I can show you sample sites and provide to you.

We will provide fully Layered and Sliced PSD file as a final output ready for the developers to code.

Yes it is easy to manage. We build websites with the end-user in mind. You will be able to alter the website's text and images with ease. You'll even be able to add new pages if desired.

You'll get PSD, JPG/PNG & PDF files of your landing page design.

We would need your Domain hosting access and WordPress admin access.

Yes, we can provide you hosting services as well if you are a newbie and don't have enough knowledge.

Client satisfaction is our first priority. We will support you for a lifetime.

Yes. The website will be 100% responsive for all devices.

Yes, we will upload the all contents from your current html template.

Yes. we can help you to convert PSD, AI, XD, Images and scratch file into a fully responsive WordPress theme. Please contact us we will discuss the project in details.

We would design the website as it is suitable for you. Either from page builders or widgets and custom post type, templates, etc depending on your requirement.

Once you convert a website with us, the theme will be shipped with a plugin we've developed called Simple Live Editor, which will allow you to edit your content live from the WordPress customize view - making content management fast and easy. Just navigate to the Customize view and start editing, here's a quick tutorial.


When you convert a site with us, the subject will be sent with a plugin we've created called Simple Live Editor, which will permit you to alter your content live from the WordPress customize view - making content managing quick and simple. Simply explore the Customize view and begin editing.

You need to provide zip file will that contains at least one HTML file. <br> If your zip file contains multiple HTML files, you will need to make sure your front-page is named as index.html. <br>

Your files are only used to debug the Errors. Your files won't be shared with third party. You hold all copyrights and privacy to your files. We won't utilize your files for anything other than to debug errors that might occur.

You can use online converters like htmltowordpress.io to convert into zip file.

The maximum folder uploading size is about 100MB - if your folder is having bigger size than that an error will occur.

Payment can be made via PayPal, BTC, Bank transfer and Perfect Money. There are no hidden fees.

Yes, Our first priority will be to import all meta attributes like Title, Meta Description, Description etc on each page to make sure your website remains search engine optimized. So that you don't need to redo your SEO work again.

We organize all your html, css, images, javascript and other assets accordingly, parse the html and setup all the necessary WordPress functions and finally merge it with our high quality and well documented base theme. The base theme makes sure everything works out of the box and all you need to is activate the theme.


While parsing the html we also make sure your asset references work and in addition make sure all your text as well as images are editable for your convenience. Same site and content - just as an editable WordPress version.

The most ideal approach to perceive what the changed over source code resembles is to change over a site. In the event that you don't have a site to change over or just wanna test it rapidly, you can utilize one of the subjects.


You will see the code is all around remarked and has experienced broad testing.

For tools you can use any visual website editors like Dreamviewer, Macaw, Webflow, Bloc, Adobe products etc. It does'nt matter as long as if the output works perfectly on a browser.


For Frameworks you can develop your website with any front-end framework like Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation OR Single page app frameworks such as Angular.js or Ember.js will not work.

For the WP hooks theme itself actually implements to great extent the WordPress hooks. If you have the knowledge of how to use WP hooks, the overall functionality of the theme can be safely extended by adding your own hooks.

By default the navbar will work automatically as it's not an editable menu of the WordPress. If you want to make it editable then you will need to add some more classes to your menu.

Any standard HTML should work out of the box. For more advanced setups like creating WordPress special templates see the developer docs.

The cost for every website is different. It total depends on a number of factors like age of Site, number of pages in website and functionality. You can contact us right now and we will take a look of your site and give you a custom quote.

We will manually reprogram every website in WordPress and take great care to copy every page over individually and correctly. The process can take 2 Weeks after making on an order with our website depending upon your requirements.

This depends on you! We have converted hundreds of websites with different platforms and created them Identical to the original versions of the website. If this is what you need, no issues! If you are looking for a design update, we can do that as well. You can share the design with us.

Yes of course. Once we complete the process for conversion you will have 100% rights and ownership of the website. We will then set up the website on your hosting account for you at no additional expense.

Yes of course. We will be developing your new WordPress website on our development server where we can be able to view it during the development phases. You will be able to make sure that every page is 100% perfect before we launch.

If we create an identical copy of your existing site, and it will not be mobile friendly, it requires us to update the code to make it fully responsive. If your website is currently mobile friendly, it will remain mobile friendly as well.

No problem! If you have plain HTML site it would be better, In case you have site running on any URL, we can use that too to create your WordPress theme.

The cost shown here is for default conversion, we can surely make changes as per your requirements so it would attract additional billing, depending upon what changes you want to have.

No worries! We can fix it to convert to responsive but it also depends on your current HTML structure. If it is a responsive site it will be great otherwise our team will notify you about the cost.

No issues. As cost and turn around time depends on the elements you have with your files (HTML and PSD both), we would suggest you to contact us and one of our expert will assist you with your project.

Sure, you can. Please contact us thourgh our helpdesk with basic requirements, our team will analyse and get back to you with further information on what kind of developer you should hire.


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