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999 /per



  • Fast And Simple
  • Safe And Protect To Use
  • MVC Architecture
  • Migration And API Integration
  • Coding As Per Standards


5250 /per



  • Fast And Simple
  • Safe And Protect To Use
  • MVC Architecture
  • Migration And API Integration
  • Coding As Per Standards

Features of our Development Services

  • One Hour Hiring Developer Policy

  • Extremely Competitive Costs

  • Zero Developer Backout

  • Risk-Free Trial

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • 30+ Technology Expertise

  • Regular Client Updates

  • Flexible Contracts

  • Hassle-Free Development And Designing

  • Custom Order Quantity Accepted

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • And much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the cost of a CodeIgniter powered web application/website?

The price is based on the your requirements and features you want for your project. We can give you an estimated cost for the project once we know what is to be built and the resources needs for our team, technology stack and project type etc.

For a completed project alterations or modifications are always welcomed. We do alterations for free. Remember alterations means minor changes in your project. If there are some features to be added then we will send you a custom quote.

You are the owner of the code or product. Woorke doesn't hold the rights for your intellectual property.

Yes of course. Your website would be responsive to cross web browsers as well as cross device compatible.

No, there is no hidden costs. We include the testing and bug repairs cost within the quoted price. Testing is the part of the developement phase. Our main aim is to deliver quality and bug-free solutions for our clients.

Absolutely! Our support team are always ready to answer your queries. Our team will always help you for the tech related requirements.

Data security is our top priority. We completely ensure and take advanced measures to make client information safe and secure.

Other Frameworks are best in their own perspectives but CodeIgniter provides better short codes compared to other frameworks for example CakePHP, Symfony and Zend helping in faster development phase. With CodeIgniter web services give a high level of configuration support as well.

It's easy to setup, good in execution and reliability. CodeIgniter also stated by developers is much lighter from a standard system.

You can contact us or either report it to the Github.

After completion of the project, We will help you how to use the CMS after that you will be able to control the CMS by yourself.

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework which is mostly used for developing a websites that are high on performance. The framework has a logical structure, a clean and clear interface and complex functions solving issues in a more effective manner.

Yes of course. You can request it if you are not satisfied with the previous developer. We can change the developer for you.

This totally depends on your requirements. If you have a small team and a medium projects then CodeIgniter is best for you. Also if you want to deliver the project as soon as possible and don't have time to spend of learning new things in addition to PHP then CodeIgniter suits you perfectly. On the otherhand if you are managing big team and running a big commercial website then Laravel is the only choice for you. We have both services of CodeIgnite and Laravel development services.

CodeIgniter has very less approach to MVC cause the Models are not usually required. If you find the models requires more complexity than you want, then you can simply ignore it and can create applications using controllers and views.

New versions of CodeIgniter seems to be less compatible with the most latest version of PHP.

The installer package of 2.6mb on Windows and comparable on macOS and Linux.

Yes of course. An experienced developers in CodeIgniter developers can transfer your data base web applications that will be highly customised to your needs.

Our experienced developers can develop an effective and efficient CMS according to your requirements will be having strong functionality streams within your require time frame.

You are at the right place. Our team can create a full scalable, reliable and full featured corporate application for your requirements, maintenance and improved with all ease.

If you want to expand your online services at internation or global level then we can help you develop web portals with PHP CodeIgniter. You can expand your business and let the world know about your online services.

Yes of course. You can easily integrate with third party services for example the Payment Gateways, Social media services, Google Analytics, email services etc API's easily.

We are always available on your first message. We will always be there to help you with maintenance and upgradation of your website. We will short check your application speed to ensure it runs faster.

Yes, our expert team members in CodeIgniter technology can develop web Back-end of your mobile apps.

The answer is simple and just a few line that can define why CodeIgniter:

1. Framework with a small footprint(CodeIgniter 3 2MB)

2. Exceptional Performance

3. Much Simple solutions over complexity

4. Strong Security(against CSRF and XSS attacks)

5. Clear Documentation 

6. Nearly Zero Configuration

CodeIgniter is a complete package of Libraries, Helpers, Plugins and resources which facilitate you in complex functions for which PHP is famous well known. The PHP codes are simplied makes the code streamlined also provide an interactive, professional and powerful website in a less time.


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