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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Fiverr Gig Saves?

In order to boost exposure, increase relevant responses on your video to get maximum user engagements, then you must buy Youtube Comments. The more comments and views your video have then more your get better exposure. Buying comments also increases your Youtube views cause the user has to watch the video to comment on it.

You can buy gig saves with our services. Simply click on the Order Now button. Then select the gig saves after making payments you can submit the link in our dashboard.

Yes, they are 100% real and legit. They are delivered from 100% real fiverr users.

No, we don't use bots to deliver saves. They are 100% manual from real users of fiverr.

No, we normally recommend to deliver it with slow speed. Cause your account safety is more important for us.

Yes, they are very cheap as compare to the quality of the service. We don't use bots to deliver it all saves comes from real fiverr users.

Yes, you can get saves from these country accounts. But you must mention it on the order page after submitting the link on the order page.

You can avail the 10% Discount on your first order by entering the code 10OFF.

Yes, it's 100% risk-free. Our Service is Full Safe and Secure for your Fiverr Account. Your Gig will start ranking higher in searches with our services.

We instantly start when you place an order for Gig Favorites. Depending on the order quantity your order can be completed within 24-48 Hours.

No you will not, Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies buy Fiverr Services to instantly boost your Fiverr gig’s popularity. Your gig appears higher on Fiverr search and suggested results.

Yes, the reviews we deliver would be from mixed fiverr accounts. Means some may be sellers account and some may be buyers accounts.

Once you complete the order. You can let us know about your requirements on the order page. You can also ask before through live chat as well.

You need to pay the Gig fee as well as the fiverr fee to start working on your review.

Your order will be fulfilled by users from all over the world, looking for any specific country would take some extra time and cost.

The Gig Favorites would come from a different array of our networks where we will advertise your profile.

No. We only accept one Link per Fiverr Gig Saves Order.

We are accepting the following payment methods.
1. PayPal
2. Cryptocurrency
3. Perfect Money
4. Credit Card

Yes sure. You can avail the discount by getting in touch with our support agents.

Unfortunately not. Our prices are very low as compared to the market so it's best to start testing our services.


No, For few comments only one link is acceptable. If you have purchased huge amount then you can slipt it.

Yes, you can write comments for your video on your choice. You should write comments in sequence to avoid any confusions. Also if you want to insert emoji's then you can also use it in your comments.

Unfortunately, we can not say anything about user interest. It entirely depends upon your content if your content is engaging then surely users will be taking interest in your videos.

No, you won't have any issues. But we suggests users to deactivate ads when you order after completion you can enable ads again.

There are huge advantages of buying Youtube comments like, it increases your video credibility, boost your popularity, attract more attention to your video and boost its position on the top searches.

You can simply contact us we accept custom orders as well. You can clearly discuss what you want then our agent will quote an invoice for you.

The increase will begin within few hours after placing an order. Sometimes may be within an hour depending upon our order status.

It's just so simple. Just Open up your video on Youtube app, click the share button, then select "Copy link". Paste the Link after checkout.

Yes of course. You can check our packages above we are offering Random and Custom Comments as well. If you want you can write every single comment about your video and send it to us we will post it the same way.

No, we are providing only one video link per one order. For huge order you can contact us to spread it.

Absolutely not. All of our social media marketing services are under YouTube's updated guidelines and terms of service...

No, not at all. There no single reason for a viewer to tell that you have bought comments as they are unable to see from where the comments are coming. Only you can see through your analytics.

Almost any kind of videos are accepted for our services. Mainly the more engaging videos are more preferable in which you asks users some questions and tell them they can comment below the answers.

It totally depends on your choice. If your video have few views then we suggest not to buy huge amount of comments as it will look un-natural. If you have large number of views and you have few comments then you should buy enough comments to make the video more credible.

You can leave comment replies by loggin in to your channel then leave replies. If you are interested in Buying Youtube Comment replies you can contact us and specify the comments to which replies should be added.

Yes, in order to look more geniune you need to act like normal users. With comments replies and upvotes you can build more trust that your engagement is 100% real and authentic.

Depending upon the order quantity your order can take 24-72 hours to be completed. If you want your order to be completed in a specific or long duration you can also get through our serivces.

Sorry our rates are so cheap therefore we are not offering any free service.

You can buy minimum of 10 comments and maximum of 5000 Youtube comments. Custom order quantity is also accepted.

All our comments and other youtube services are 100% adsense safe. Your account will remain safe with our services.

Unfortunately not. As we have packages at superlow prices that is suitable for testing the services. You can select the minimum quantity to check our services reliability.