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Facebook Photo or Post or Video Likes Service

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Facebook is a very famous social networking website.

It plays a vital role in social networking connecting people from far off places since the time it is launched. It has become extremely popular not only among the people that are familiar with technology and are educated but also among those who are uneducated and are not familiar with technology and its growing need.

 Cheap Facebook Marketing 1100 Post Video Likes

Facebook is one of the very strong medium of expression. People use it to connect with their friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and co-workers. It has shrunk the world and has brought everyone so near.

Today if we post a picture, video or any status on Facebook, it is visible to everybody. Everyone would be able to see it, comment on it and hit the like button.

Many bloggers, video makers, photographers, celebrities, old and new artists have used the platform of Facebook to become famous or increase their popularity.

Now the question is that how do they do that??

Well, the answer is quite straightforward and obvious. If you have millions of likes on your photo or your posted video, then it will be easily available to more and more people to watch and appreciate.

So all you need is LIKES!! More and More Likes on your posted Photos and Video.

If you are looking to increase likes on your pictures and videos then here we are. We will be helping you in getting millions and millions of likes.

Buy Cheap Facebook Services [Page Likes, Followers, Accounts, Marketing]

We will be providing you 1100+++ Facebook Likes

Our service will be quick.

It will save your time.

We won’t be needing your admin password or access of your account. We just need your URL.


FACEBOOK Group Promotion for your Website – Facebook Promoted Posts

FACEBOOK Group Promotion for your website

The making Facebook group is building a community where there is the interaction of people with one another on the particular topic. Through the Facebook group, customer interaction increases, and brand awareness also increases. It also provides brand exposure to a new audience and drags maximum traffic.

In a group, there is an exchange of views and comments. Each and every person respect others opinions and views. People make use of Facebook groups to market their product. Once your customers are satisfied with your work, they will come back for sure. Their positive response will make them suggest and recommend your site to others as well because what matters most to them is to get good quality with no wastage of time and money.

Your customers can lead you to get high ranking easily by making them happy and providing them the quality which they demand.

Do you want to get maximum people to your website?

Do you want your website promotion through Facebook?

I can be of some help!

I will market and promote your website through Facebook groups. I will post your link on different groups on Facebook. You just have to provide us your website link.

Important: we will post your link on Facebook groups 5 times.

You will get maximum traffic for sure and we 101 % guarantee you that.

We make sure to make our customers happy and satisfy with our service, as our customers matter a lot to us. When your website get posted on Facebook groups, it will drag significant traffic. People will be curious to know about your site.

They will talk about your website to others as a group is about people interaction. And in this way, your website will be familiar, and you will get high ranking for sure.

So what are you waiting for???

Order now and get your website high ranking through Facebook groups.


Promote your Kindle E-book in Facebook and Linkedin

Promote your Kindle E-book in Facebook and Linkedin

Natali Here from the USA. My Friends and I have formed a Group, and we have started a promotion campaign on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Moreover, we have a good command over posting your KINDLE BOOK on Facebook, which will be the center of attention.


  1. Your KINDLE BOOK link will be displayed to 60 TOP KINDLE READERS FB groups
  2. 5 Wall Posts from 5 Different IPs on their wall of your KINDLE E-BOOK
  3. More than 50 million followers could be able to see your link through posting it on TOP 10 Reading Fan pages
  4.  Your KINDLE E-Book shared on MY LINKEDIN PROFILE
  5. Get a PDF of Screenshots of the work done by us.
  • Delivery time 2 Days

Get All this work done for only $5.


  • We do not have any charges for posting any pictures, video links or covers related to your work. Feel Free to avail this bonus.
  • We do take pre orders for the clients convenience, and we do not charge extra for that too.

We will be looking forward to you to place an order on our GIG. if you have any questions, please inbox us.

For more scroll down:

  • Urgent Delivery ( within 24 hours) for $5
  • Post link on Fan page for $5
  • Promote your Page for $5


Promote your Website to USA FaceBook Group Members for Cheap Price

Promotion on USA Facebook Groups

Marketing on Facebook was never that easy, USA group advertising service on Facebook.

Now we would market your website, business, service, product on Facebook for you, group advertising service on Facebook where we would post for you on the group that has million of people on them.

Facebook groups are like a community/forum where people interact without being friends and post their views.

Facebook groups are massive indeed over 1 billion groups exist on Facebook imagine how much potential it has.

There are thousands and thousands of groups that have millions of people in them where people are posting seconds after seconds in these groups people are active where we have managers as admins there ready to promote your stuff to the millions.

Facebook group promotion is cheaper than Google Adsense, Facebook advertisements or any other PPC ads on the internet its dire targeted as well as most people love joining local groups of their cities and countries.

You can promote your website, books on Amazon, videos on youtube, content of any kind


Promotion to ACTIVE USA FACEBOOK Groups

We would need your business website or URL and with few details on it preferably status of Facebook the tagline which you want us to post your links.

That’s all we want only 2 requirements are need to get started.

Our Promotion Services:

Over millions of active Facebook groups

Link would be shared permanently

Expected click through rate is about 1500 to 2000 at least

70% members in groups are from the USA

100% Amazing Social Media Traffic

100% Google Adsense safe for both websites and youtube videos.

Quality Real Traffic Service

We believe in delivering 100% so we guarantee 100% if not we would simply refund you

Full Report with link attached

If you want to take your marketing campaign to top level, we also have packages that would do this for 30 days as well that would be $10 per day for 30 days

package #5


200 Italian, German, France Facebook Likes
European Facebook Likes


Here is the solution to all your problems. How about you leave all your fatigue to get more and more likes on us and concentrate more on your business matters, sounds like a good deal ? So here’s the LIFETIME that will boost up your business and will create more and more money making clients for you.

You can get 200 Facebook Likesand that too of REAL PEOPLE from Italy, Germany, France or Europe. I assure you we do not use software to boost likes. We do not provide likes from a dummy or fake accounts. These likes will be from real and active accounts, run and owned by real people. The delivery will be fast, no time lapses.


We don’t need administration access to your account which means you can totally keep your privacy.

Get always some extra Bonus!!

If any account gets deleted you can always send us a Private Message (PM) and we will add the replacement of those deleted accounts along with incentives. No extra charges for replacements.

Our rates are the best for this market. So what are you waiting for?? Hit the Button and get your business more and more likes.

package #6

25 MILLION USERS OF FACEBOOK: that is all what you need to trigger the views bumping in !

25 MILLION USERS OF FACEBOOK Advert Now Promote your Website or Video

Name it and here i am to boast up your pace for:

  • Blog or Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Website
  • Business
  • Company news
  • Adds
  • Product Reviews
  • Content
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Back links
  • Any links
  • Gigs
  • Twitter/Fiver/Linkedin/Stack overflow Accounts
  • You Tube videos
  • Or whatever you name

Delivery Time: 24 Hours

Money Back guarantee: YES

Screenshots of my work for you on groups or pages : YES

Limitations on type of content to be shared: NO

Add more value

  1. $10 Single Premium image
  2. $10 Extra 10 million Fans
  3. $10 for  promotion on extra 30 FACEBOOK pages and 20 extra  group

package #7

30 USA Facebook Comments or 50 reaction or 30 Soundcloud comments or 100 Soundcloud Likes or Followers or 50 Repost

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website. It has played a vital role in connecting people from around the globe. Facebook is the best to showcase your talent. Facebook allows you to post videos, pictures, blogs and statuses on your account. You can post whatever on earth you want and share it with the world.

30 USA Facebook Comments or 50 FB Reactions or 30 Soundcloud Likes Comments

Facebook introduced a unique feature of likes and comments. Through these two buttons you can tell whether you liked something or not and you can type a review comment under the post about the picture or post. Facebook also has a share button, through this button you can share your content or the content of other pages or accounts on your timeline and it will be visible to all your friends.


In the same way Soundcloud is a social website that allows you to share your soundtracks with the users. You can upload your own sound tracks or tracks of your clients and get as many likes, followers and reposts as you like. The more likes onshared?track, the more the track will be famous.


We are here to provide you with the best services to help you gain more and more likes and followers.

Choose any of the = [30 USA Facebook Comments or 50 FB Reactions or 30 Soundcloud Likes Comments] on order page!

Our services include the following:

·                  50 Facebook reaction

·                  100 Facebook shares

·                  30 Sound cloud comments

·                  100 Soundcloud likes or favorites

·                  100 Soundcloud followers

·                  50 Soundcloud repost

·                  15000 Soundcloud plays


Facebook Comments:

  • I will provide you 30 Facebook comments.
  • All comments must be related to the post or video or status
  • USA name and picture.
  • If 2 URL then 15+15 Comments will be given but along with that only likes on ONE LINK will be provided.

Please Note: All of our service is 100% safe and if any problem 24/7 you can send message in our inbox.

package #8

1000+ Likes on Your Facebook Fanpage Genuine Likes Service

Buy 1000+ Facebook Fan Page Likes for $5

Facebook is one of the biggest social network in the world used for the purpose of marketing so it’s very difficult to represent your business. In order to make your page popular, you need to increase likes, shares, and followers. Once you got likes on your page the remaining factors just like shares and followers would increase by itself.

Getting the likes of FB is not simple at all, People use different software to provide you likes but those likes could the fake ones

We will add 1000 likes for your fan page using like back method. All likes are from real facebook users, not from fake accounts. You can check it yourself easily. Our service is legit.  Provide us your facebook page and you will see how your page will become very active.

(✔)   100% Safe
(✔)   Instant Start
(✔)   Permanent Likes
(✔)   Non-Drop
(✔)   Improve visibility
(✔)   No Bots or Fake Accounts
(✔)   24/7 Friendly Custom Support

★✔✔ORDER NOW ✔✔★

Buy 1000+ Facebook Fan Page Likes for $5

We are selling legit likes of facebook, you will get amazing results with your business page

Which will never drop from your fan page

We have built our own facebook system where people are coming and would be liking your fan page

we have thousand of people who are in our system real genuine people from tier 1 countries which will come and like your page all the i.p would be different that means no drop of likes in incoming weeks or days unlike other services you buy which give poor non-retentive page likes which drop after 24 to 48 hour making you loose money

Our likes are non-drop 100% Guaranteed Service

package #9

Facebook is the most top and outstanding social media site all around the world. It is a great platform for business to get maximum profit.

Buy 2000 Facebook Invites to your Fan Page Manually

Marketing on Facebook gives you quick and direct results, as information spreads in no time. Business on Facebook can be done in two different ways.

  •    By making Facebook group which having specific group of people who share common interest.
  • By making Facebook page in which different people can interact with one another.

According to me, Facebook page is the easiest and best option for promoting your brand or product. Because different people join your page and when they find some useful and attractive things, they will buy from you for sure. When they are happy with your services, they will definitely recommend your page to others and they will also wanted to be your permanent customers.

For customers, the most important thing that matters to them is to get high quality service with no wasting of money and also they look for good response from the buyers.


  • I am here to provide you the best service.
  • I will invite my Facebook friends to your page in order to promote your page.
  • I will invite all my 2000 + friends in my list to your page.
  • My work here is to invite them. Now it depends on lifetime whether NONDROP want to join your page or not.
  • I will not be admin of your page and would not be controlling your page.
  • I will promote your page by writing to them.
  • Pages related to porn, gambling, adult, etc is not acceptable.

In my opinion, these are the most interesting and famous topics:

–         Traveling

–         Cooking

–         Photography

–         Art

–         High technology

Feel free to order and please make sure you read the instruction carefully.

package #10

Get 500 Facebook Likes on your Fan Page

Facebook is one of the biggest social network in the world used for the purpose of marketing so its very difficult to represent your business. In order to make your page popular you need to increase likes, shares and followers. Once you got likes on your page the remaining factors just like shares and followers would increase by itself.

Getting the likes of FB is not simple at all, People use different softwares to provide you likes but those likes could the fake ones

Buy Facebook Likes

What so special about my service :

  • In my service i would provide you 500 Facebook likes on your page
  • These likes would be maximum from USA, UK and Canada
  • All likes will be Real likes no fake likes
  • No use of software to get likes
  • All user are active users of Facebook
  • likes are mixed of males and females
  • The likes are not temporary but are permanent ones
  • My work is 100% manual i don’t use any kind of software

Requirement :

  • I only need your Facebook page URL

100% safe

100% Guaranteed work

I do believe on customer satisfaction and always try to make them please with the quality service.

Delivery will be in mentioned time

For any custom ordera siteplease contact me first then click on ORDER NOW!


package #11







Why Buy Our Service?

We provide Amazing Marketing Services for your website on Facebook, we will give 100 Shares 10 Comments 100 Post Likes for extremely cheap price

Here are the specs of our service:


–         100 % SAFE AND SECURE

–         NON –  DROP LIKES








ORDER NOW and Get Facebook Post Shares 10 Shares 10 Comments 10 Post Likes for yourself now! Cheapest Service on the internet for internet marketers

package #12

Get 1000 Facebook Likes Permanent Life Time Guarantee

From the very start, Facebook has been indulged in making more interesting and useful for the users belonging from every walk of life. The Like button has been the main feature of Facebook from beginning. Like button is the quickest and the easiest way of showing appreciation to a page, video or any post. Just one quick click and comments, new posts, offers, sales and discounts offers, launching in short every activity from a business Page will start showing in your News feeds. This like button has done wonders for the people and businesses that rely heavily upon their Facebook page visitors. As much as your likes would be people will get more attracted.  The more likes your page has, the more popular and trustworthy you are considered to be.

Most of the people before dealing with any business, visit their Facebook page, they go through their Facebook updates and people’s reviews about them. If you do not have likes on your Facebook page you will be considered as amateur. So, if you want people to become aware of your activities, you need to have more and more likes on your Facebook page.

We are here to provide you with the best solution at cheapest rate. No matter if you are a layman, business, individual, celebrity or an artist. We are here to help you get FAMOUS!!

We can attract hundreds and thousands ofFollowers, Views and Likesfor your Facebook page. You are just one click away from getting exposed to the world. The world will know about your talent, art, business. We can provide you with likes from around the globe as well as from a specific country.

Here, we assure you that the security of your pages will never get compromised. We have been dealing with pages of famous celebrities, businesses and individuals for more than 3 years and we never got even a single complaint of the account getting hacked or the security threat to the page. Your details will always be 100% secure.

What are you waiting for?? Come on!! Hit the order button!! Open up the doors for all the new likes for your page.

package #13

I will give you, 2000+ High Quality Facebook likes only for ___.These Facebook Likes are 100% Real & it’s come from Active Users & different IP address in the world. For this I need your F.b page username. My service is professional and super fast service.

In This Service I Will Provide You The Following,

  • Real High Quality Work
  • Real and Permanent Promotion
  • 100% Safe and Guaranteed
  • Non Drop Promotion
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • No Password,No access Required


Very Good Job

Great Job Delivered On Time, Will Come Back For Sure

Excellent work and fast. Thank you

Fantastic experience. Will buy from again.


package #13

Give 5200+ Real Human FAST YOU TUBE and 10 Likes Or Facebook Video Views

«««We Offer«««


5200 plus real YouTube views and 10 Facebook likes or Facebook video views

150 plus YouTube video likes

400 Facebook likes

Catch the opportunity of Fast 100000 Retention YouTube or Facebook views from our slot

Get 1000 plus Instagram followers also on your request

ORDER NOWto avail these astonishing opportunities

Grasp these opportunities because Facebook likes! This is the driving passion of some social media marketers. They desire it. They dream about it. They crave it. They somehow think that more Facebook likes is the panacea for all of the world’s ills. People can find your site online and they can also find your Facebook page. More and more people are going to Facebook as a sort of “check” to see how legit your business is. If you have a fan page/business page that’s pretty simple, and you have 10 “likes” then the average person isn’t going to take you seriously or think you’re an amateur. So it’s as simple as that you need you get more likes, videos and followers. That’s where we can help you So what are you waiting for ORDER NOW to avail these Opportunities because they don’t cost as much as the help you earn.


package #14


Have you been thinking lately that your You Tube video does not have enough likes?

Are you not having many visitors on your videos?

Has your video being not liked by many people?

Has this been depressing?

Don’t be depressed, I am here with an amazing offer that will shake you off!


1.   Real Likes from Genuine Active accounts

2.   High Quality 300 Likes

3.   No software used

4.   We do not provide Split-able Likes

5.   Work will be delivered in time

6.   Reasonable Pricing

Why are You tube likes important?

As you all know watching videos daily has become part of our daily routine. We have adopted it as a hobby and now it has become a habit. Most of the content being shared on different social media sites are usually videos, which keep the audience engaged.

It does not matter now what type or topic the video is it’s being watched all over the world. Even Mark Zukerberg quoted about Facebook, that the future of the Facebook is videos.

Day by day people are getting smarter and using Youtube videos to communicate and deliver their messages and content.

In this kind of hustle and bustle situation You Tube has become extremely crowded. Enormous amount of videos are being uploaded within Minutes. These You Tube videos when uploaded gets lost in the world of videos until and unless there are generous amount of visitors on them placing likes and comments.

We Will definitely help you out in providing generous amount of you tube likes.

package #14

I will create Social Media Service with my 12m Real People

Social media services are used to connect people who share familiar interests in activities or backgrounds. Social media services uses user created content like posts, photos, videos etc. They incorporate new information and tools which helps in communication.  It is very useful in today’s world for growing your business nationally and internationally.

What we are offering is splendid service in very cheap rates.

So don’t waste time and place your order immediately.



I have about 12 million active Facebook fans which are 90% active. There are no fake accounts. 80% visitors are from USA, UK, Canada and 20% from all over the World.


DISCLAIMER: We do not force visitors to download, share, like and buy on your address but this gig will surely bring a lot of visitors and lots of clicks, which means lots of traffic. The work once done remains forever as nothing is deleted ever.


I provide screenshots of all the work done and I also provide tracking links for all my orders 🙂


Moreover you can avail the following services also to add more to your campaign:


1.      Promoting Your website with 12M campaign 2 times double result  (+ 1 day)

2.      Give 20,000 real Google visitors to your website

3.      Give 170,000 real Google visitors to your website

4.      Give 200,000 real Google visitors to your website


package #15

In this modest era of competition its not easy to cross your competitor. Social media made this competition more exciting as now people have access to everything.. To become pro and web sensation you need to be in people’s eye,you need to have traffic to your channel weather its facebook, youtube or any other social media forum. your traffic, views, subscribers are mark of your authenticity. it shows how much people count on your product or services.


I will do 5000+ authentic views for YouTube & FaceBookSo here we are to serve you, we will help you to become more successful by getting you authentic traffic for your facebook and youtube channel and let you expose your channel more to viewers.

5000+ authentic views for YouTube & FaceBook

Key Features of this service:

✔ Full order will be delivered in Maximum 2-3 days

✔ No proxy or Bot

✔Even you can split

✔Any amount of views can be provided (5K, 10K upto 900k)

✔ If your video is YouTube partner video, than this service is best option

✔ Quick turnaround

✔ Guaranteed first Page Ranking of YT video

we will provide you genuine and high quality traffic for you channel in very reasonable rate. 

✔ Quick delivery

✔ Once you try it we are sure you will get back for more

✔ Deadlines will meet efficiently

✔ No admin access required



package #16

Do you have a Facebook page that you want to improve? Are you an author, artist, game designer, creator, musician, clothing designer, or someone else looking to find an audience?  Do you have a geeky Etsy shop, or ebook, or perhaps a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo you want people to know about?

I will improve your Facebook page

If you do, would you like good, custom advice, thoughts, ideas, brainstorming, and suggestions, put together SPECIFICALLY for your page, your work, and your ideas?

That’s what I do.  It’s how I make my living, and what I’m passionate about.  I absolutely, completely LOVE helping people find an audience.

With this gig, I’ll take a good look at your Facebook page.  I will then talk to you about it and help you improve on what you do with it.  I will help you reach more people; I’ll help you reach people more effectively; and I’ll do it in good, ethical, friendly ways, by helping you get the message out about your passion.

If any questions please feel free to ask.


This is really solid advice and I would have spent months of trials and errors to get this information, I really appreciate the effort and personalisation you put into it. Outstanding value.

Loved your work!!!


package #17

I will post your message on my Facebook Page, with over 40k followers connected to it 🙂
 Facebook is the world’s largest Social Networking website. It allows its registered users to connect to friends, family, relatives and colleagues, etc. It has different features that make Facebook very entertaining and easy to use for all age group people. Facebook is a networking website used by millions of users.

Facebook doesn’t only connect you with the people but also allows you to promote your business. If you have a web based business or you are involved in selling a product or service then Facebook provides you with a plat form to execute and promote your product and or service through the forum of Facebook and that too for FREE. Facebook allows you to create your own personalized business page and promote it.  But for that you need to have a large number of followers or likes on your business page. You need to have lots and lots of people visit your page.

If you have a business page and want to promote it so that your product could reach to those who are in need of it and will be willing to buy your service or product then we are here. We are ready to help you in every possible way. All you have to do is either give us the link of your business page or tell us your Business tag line. What we will do is, we will promote your page or your brand tag line on our page which has over 40,000 followers.

This means your product/ service/ website or page will be promoted in front of 40,000 potential customers. Now imagine even if 1% out of this 40,000 people respond to your call or your promotions then you will have 400 customers at your door step right away. This sounds like a pretty cool deal.

For your convenience we have introduced different packages:
Package # 1:
·         Post your message on my page
·         Social media experts Facebook page is available for your announcement.
Package # 2:
·         Post your message and photo or video
·         Social media experts post and photo image or video
Package # 3:
·         Multi post and tweet package
·         Offering you a range of promotion on numerous platforms.

So what are you waiting for?? Go for it!!


package #18

I will promote URLS, Music Campaign 3,000,000 Facebook users

Facebook is the heart of social media these days and if you want business exposure just go and promote your business on Facebook. If you are introducing a new brand, product or a service and you want it to viral and to the right set of people, then Facebook is a great way to start it. Facebook in early days was highly disapproved by many analysts declaring it to be a place of fun and hangout.

But their perceived notions changed when Facebook faked business with data dealer. So this was helpful because it gave them power to reach beyond their own CRM. 

Either it is blogs or websites, videos, apps, games, affiliate links or anything else!  All you need to get noticed is audience coming to your work.

  • Share to [3 Million] Users on Facebook US and worldwide Based.
  • 100% Refund Guaranteed. ( incase if you do not get satisfied)
  • 100% Penguin, Panda, Google Panda v2 & Hummingbird Safe.
  • Screen shots of the work done
  • On Time Delivery.


Just Drop in Your Video or URL and see the campaign running through!

I am 100% sure you will be satisfied by our campaigns and will pay us a visit for other campaigns as well.


package #19

Increase 1000 Facebook Shares
The Facebook is continuously growing network. People are connecting with each other from far off places. Everything is easily accessible on social media. But how does that happen? Ever gave a thought to it? Well, the answer is through Sharing. Sharing a document, video, status, pictures or anything you like will help you, even adding a personalized message to links before sharing it on your own timeline. This Sharing helps other people reach you. The more people share your content, the easier it will become for people to reach you.

If people belonging to different walks of life start sharing your content/posts you can reach to broader audiences. People from all walks of life will be able to see your videos, pictures and posts etc very easily. But now the question is that how is that going to happen? Well, the answer is right in front of you.

We are willing to provide you with our services. We will provide you with 100% genuine and manual shares. We assure you not to use any software to boost your shares in fact we will provide you with original shares made from real accounts. We have a zero Dropout rate. We assure 100% Penguin, Panda & Google Panda v2 Safe. We do not believe in compromising the safety of our valued customers. You can also split your order, means you can split this order of 1000 shares over maximum 10 URL’s. You can order 1000 shares and can split it according to your choice on maximum 10 different URL’s which will make you boost your shares for not just one but multiple videos, pictures, fan pages and blogs etc. We provide you Guarantee over delivery. You can order this service as many times as you want for the same URL.

You are going to get whole of it. Isn’t it a GREAT DEAL!!!
So what are you waiting for??? Order NOW!!
package #20



This is what everyone wanted to get to increase their ranking and get maximum traffic.

I will give permanent fast and quick 1300+ likes on your order placement.

By getting my service, it will increase your link popularity and credibility.

I am 100 % sure that you will come back to get more.

Don’t wait any longer, get it now and increase your ranking.

What will you get?

  • –          Active and Real People Likes
  • –          100 % Permanent and life time guarantee
  • –          24/7 customer service
  • –          No use of software or bots
  • –          100 % delivery on time
  • –          All fans will like your photos, videos, etc.
  • –          No access to page required
  • –          100 % refund policy
  • –          Facebook fans from all over the globe
  • –          Quick and fast service
  • –          Only Facebook fans available
  • –          Real followers
  • This is the best service you will ever get anywhere.

My service will never disappoint you and it will give you 100 percent satisfaction.

Order now to get this amazing offer for very low prices!

Package #21

Share your Website URL on Facebook 35 times in 24 Hours

Did you know one of the most important factors today to rank a website is to consider the number of times your website’s URL has been shared ?

I have a trusted way of sharing an url on a verified page of real likes to do the promotion of your website

You need to add social shares for your site to rank well in the future.

  • Delivery within time
  • I will send you the work done so you can check them
  • I can promote your content over Facebook pages and groups which are relating to your business/product/ design or any other content

What I need from you:

URL of your website

package #21

Provide 30 Social Shares For Your Website URL


If you have a web-based business, running a channel, running a fan page, own a website, are a celebrity or want to become a celebrity then all you need is followers. You need people who would know about you.

If you want to let, this world knows what you your work and your talent is all about then the best way of doing that is making people share your posts/videos/pictures/blogs. What this will do is, it will make other people aware of your work. If they like their work they will also share your posts and then their friends and their friends and then the never ending cycles goes on and on even after you have achieved what you wanted.


You must be thinking what we will provide you??

So here is what our service will be providing you.

We will give you Shares.

We will provide you with 30 Shares of your Website URL.

We will bookmark your Website / Blog / YouTube video URL etc to 30 Top Social Bookmarking sites such as Facebook, twitter, tumblr, delicious and much more with High Page rank Pr1 to Pr 10.


What you will get??


You will get excellent social exposure with increased trafficking on your website. Increased traffic will result in increased customers and so as increased profits (if you have a web based business).
This is a great way to create backlinks.
Full detailed report Will Be Provided upon Completion.

You will get all of this.
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Package #22

15k Likes with 15 Different Accounts for $5
Here is a platform where you can boost up your social presence without any investment!
We provide you free facebook likes, followers, shares and comments; free twitter followers, retweets and likes; free YouTube subscribers, likes, comments; free Google Plus and Circles; Free Tumblr followers and free Pinterest likes, pins and followers.

Having lots of views help to get more and more viewers through YouTube search. More views make your video popular and famous. Less views on a video don’t make any sense, and people on the internet start ignoring that video. If you are a business owner, you can sell more products if your media presence is good.

You might be noticed by lots of production companies. Every time you upload a video on these sites, an email will be sent to your subscribers, which will surely increase the views of your videos. More people will know you and they would love to buy your products if you are a business owner thus your chances to get noticed by big companies will be increased.

This particular Gig is best for your business to flourish and get more traffic to your videos.

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