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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I really buy Facebook Likes for my post or page?

    Absolutely! You can really buy facebook likes for your posts or pages. It's becoming more common that users are buying social media marketing services to buy real facebook likes. It's becoming more common and affordable than ever. You can buy likes with few clicks to boost your posts or pages to make it look more popular.

  • Will anyone else know I chose to buy Facebook Likes?

    No, there is no other way they can tell you that you have purchased likes until and unless you tell them. or if you have bought lowest quality likes from a substandard service providers then your competitor can easily spot it and can tell you that you have bought likes.

  • How do sellers deliver Facebook Likes?

    There are several ways for sellers to deliver likes. What we use to promote through our array of network. Your posts or pages will be advertised to our users to like it. In this way we make sure that all the likes are 100% real and organic.

  • Are bought Facebook Likes real or fake?

    With Woorke the likes you will receive will be 100% real and from authentic accounts. They are 100% Real and from genuine Fb Users.

  • Is it really possible to buy Facebook Likes?

    Yes, it's 100% possible and super easy that was never before. Just select the service of your choice then checkout and then submit the info that's set. You will be provided with service.

  • Can I get it for free?

    Unfortunately not! As our prices are super low starting from $2 per 50 Likes for a post or page. We are trying our level best to provide High-quality likes with unbeatable prices throughout the market that's makes it best for testing first.

  • Is PayPal available?

    Yes, PayPal is available for checkout. Sometimes PayPal may not be available, you can contact the support team if PayPal is not available.

  • What are the starting packages?

    Starting package is from $2 per 50 Worldwide Likes. You can use 10% discount code on the existing $2 to make it more cheaper.

  • Are these real profiles?

    Yes, they will be 100% Real profiles of the fb users. We take time to slowly and naturally grow your fan base by providing likes from 100% real profiles that are active and have activities.

  • Do you need my passwords? Safety and Privacy?

    No, we don't need your username or password to start working on your order. We will only need post link or page link. Your account or page will remain safe cause all the likes will be provided organically.
    We respect your privacy and don't share your data with third party services.

  • Are these Permanent fb Likes?

    The likes we are providing are 100% permanent and will stay forever until and unless your account get disabled or your page is removed due to any other suspicious activities.

  • Is it legal?

    No, it's not illegal if you are buying from someone who are providing organic and real likes.

  • How much does it cost to get 1000 likes?

    1000 facebook post likes or page likes costs $40 for worldwide likes. For targeted 1000 facebook likes the price is $60 and for drip-feed 1000 fb likes price is $50.

  • Difference Between Real Likes and Bot Likes?

    Real likes are provided from real and active profiles of the fb users. While bot likes are provided from fake fb accounts which can harm your account or page.

  • What Are the Advantages?

    Buying fb likes can attract more potential clients for your business, creating the impression that your content is of high quality. It can increase organic like to your page or post. To improve the credibility and popularity of your Facebook post or page, it's the easiest and fastest way.

  • How is this essential for my business?

    In order to kick start your business you must give initial push to start getting organic likes. Attract more people to like your post or page. It can help you increase credibility and popularity of your post or page. And most importantly it helps you rank your page in search results.

  • Are these instant?

    Yes, once you have paid for the service we will start working on your order immediately. Depending upon your order quantity your order can take 24 hours to be completed.

  • Can you split it between multiple posts?

    Yes, if you want to purchase in bulk then you can split in multiple posts. You can provide us the links and mention number of likes to be provided to each links.

  • Your service vs Ads on FB?

    With our services you can select the number of likes you want to receive for your page or post while ads cost more and you can't predict how much likes you will receive through your ads.

  • Can you do USA likes?

    Yes, we can provide USA likes to you. For US fb likes you can select the targeted package then you mention on the order page for US likes only.

  • Are bought Facebook likes real or fake?

    Absolutely! They are 100% Real and from genuine Fb Users. We don't use bots to provide fake likes.

  • Does the pricing start from $1?

    Our prices start from $2 for Worldwide 50 Likes. If you want to get $1 deal get in touch with support agent.

  • Can you make money from buying Facebook likes?

    We don't guarantee that you can earn money through fb likes. Instead you can make money by selling our services to your clients.

  • How much should Facebook likes cost?

    Our Basic package starts with $2 for 50 Likes. However you can use the 10% Off coupon to avail the discount as well.

  • Can I order more than one package?

    Yes, you can select multiple packages together. Each orders are created separately after checkout, you can submit links to each orders accordingly.

  • Where can I see the status of my order?

    With Woorke it's super easier to track your orders. You can go to client panel and check whether your order is in pending, working or in progress state.

    If your order is in pending status then you haven't submit the link to start working on it. If your order is in working status, we will start it immediately and move it to in progress state.

  • Are these likes targeted?

    For targeted Likes you can choose the package listed above as Targeted Likes. We will provide all likes from that specific country.

  • Are these likes and followers added all at once?

    Yes, if you have purchased likes and followers together, both orders will be started at once. You will start getting likes and followers both at the same time.

  • Why hasn't my order started?

    Don't worry! The team may be offline or may be working on some previous orders. You can get in touch with support team to ask your order status.

  • Do you offer any guarantee?

    Yes. Our service will be delivered with 100% Guarantee. If your Likes are dropped we provide Refill for Free. We are providing 7 days free refill when likes are dropped.

  • Does buying Facebook post likes actually work?

    Yes, we have provide thousands of likes to our clients, most of them are our recurring clients they are buying regularly to improve their brand credibility and popularity.

  • Why should I buy Facebook post likes?

    To increase your popularity & Visibility. A chance for your post to go viral. Establishing Credibility etc can be the major reasons to buy Fb Likes.

  • Can a company remove bought post likes after delivery?

    We can't take guarantee that once delivered your service will be removed cause all work is manual it becomes very difficult to undo.

  • Is it safe to buy Facebook Likes?

    Yes, it's 100% risk-free, Our Service is Full Safe and Secure for your Facebook Page or account.

  • How long does it take to start the Likes delivery?

    We instantly start when you place an order for Likes. No wastage of your Time ;).

  • Can I get banned for buying Facebook Likes?

    No you will not, Millions of people are using social media marketing agencies to buy Facebook Page or post Likes to increase their engagement and visibility.

  • Where do the Likes come from?

    The Likes would come from a different array of our networks where we will advertise your profile. We make sure that all likes are provided organically.

  • Can I split the Likes between multiple Facebook Pages?

    No. We only accept one Page per Facebook Likes Order. If you have purchased in bulk then we can split the likes between multiple links.

  • What are the Buying Options?

    PayPal, Bank Transfer, Crypto, Perfect Money, Payoneer and any other payment method.

  • Discount for Bulk Order?

    Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more.. Get in touch captain!

  • Do you offer a free trial for Facebook Likes?

    Unfortunately not. As we have packages at super low prices that would perfectly fit for testing the services.

  • Does this work on business pages as well?

    Yes, you can also use it for business pages. Most of the people use to buy likes for their business pages.

  • Whats the difference between these likes and fiverr likes?

    You can't buy on Fiverr. They don't allow such kind of services. If someone is selling it then he must start from $5 which is expensive for you. Cause you need to pay for the tax when ordering a fiverr gig. While on Woorke you can buy from $2 for 50 likes which is way cheaper than fiverr.

  • There are many competitor why bother getting your service?

    We are providing unbeatable prices throughout the market with 24/7 customer support.

  • Can I get USA and Canadian likes?

    Yes, you can get likes from USA, Canada, Australia, Uk and Many other Tier 1 Countries. For confirmation you can contact before placing an order.