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  • Give Unique Look
  • 1 Operating system
  • Splash Screen
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  • Give Unique Look
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Secure payment options
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Features of our Development Services

  • Logins and Passwords

  • High Quality Guaranteed

  • Phone Verified Accounts

  • Made with Different I.P

  • POP3 Enabled

  • Fast Delivery

  • PVA Accounts

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  • 24/7 Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fix minor changes or isssues after completion of extension development?

Yes of course. The changes or issues in extension can be fixed after you let us know. The changes are free of cost while modification can cost you a little extra.


Yes, of course. Small issues can be fixed like running the scripts of anything like this. But if we feel our pc is required to fix technical issues then.

Abolutely! We can give you step by step guidance to install the iMacros on your system brwoser and run the script for you to meet your requirements.

This is done with extra cost depending on the features pricing and time. Development stage is harder modification is easier stage in chrome installs.

Yes, We can upload your extension to the web store. I don't upload the extensions usually but can offer service for you with extra cost.

First we would need an account to make it then upload your extension. After uploading the extension goes to under review process. It takes 24-48 hours to get approved. So eventually it can take 4-5 days for publishing the extensions.

You can let us know the whole requirements then we will quote a custom invoice if required then after payments and clear instructions we will start working on it.

We have 6+ years in the field of developing extensions. Our team is high skilled with knowlegde of extension development. They have worked with several big companies to make extensions for them.

The first reason to choose our website is the experience of our developers. They are having 6+ years of experience. The second reason is they are not what they were 6 years ago cause they keep upgrading with the latest changes or features and adopt it. We will make sure that once ordered our service you will come again and again.

We will try our level best to finish it quickly depending upon your requirements for the extensions. But this can take 7-8 days to fully cover it.

Yes of course. We are full stack developers we can implement the API's of your extensions.

Yes of course. The extensions are capable of making cross-domain requests.

As the Extensions can make cross domain Ajax requests that's why they are capable of calling remote API's directly. An api's that can provide data in Json formats can be easily used.

Not all but some extensions are capable of using 0Auth to access the remote data APIs. Almost every developer feel it to more convenient with use of Javascript )Auth library to simplify the process of signing 0Auth requests.

Yes, you can charge anyone who is welling to use your extension. You can charge your client through chrome web store with one time or recurring charges. Or you can also use 3rd party services like using stripe and chargeBee services which will require the SSL certificate to be added for your domain.

Yes sure. We can build extensions or add-ons for other browsers as well.

After completion we only provide the extensions or anything else require for you. Source code can be provided with little extra charges.

Extension's source codes are written with css and java scripts. Cause both chrome and firefox can support Html5 and css3.

Extensions are mostly capable of storing 5 mb in your local storage.



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