High Authority Link Building Package DA 25

High Trust Blogs Network PUMP UP YOUR RANKING Now!

Good News! Good News! Good News!

We are offering you a link-building package that will help you to get high authority backlinks.

This will expand your customer’s network by increasing the traffic. Our best feature is the high domain authority instead of a massive blog network.


Buying link from us means getting a contextual link along with 400 plus keywords consisting articles framed in attractive and professional themes. Unlike the other sellers, we only opt secure and trusted websites to post the blogs. You will not have to worry about the content of the article as it always will be worth reading and related to the topic.


Domain Authority is a crucial feature regarding ranking your website. It is measured by a 100 point scale first introduced by Moz.

It is done by bringing in total companies all other metrics too like MozRank, MozTrust, link routes and much more. In the end, you just got a single link which helps Google to rank your site.


This factor is critical as well, without gaining trust your quality and links on videos will not work. All the big companies have first made their reputation good in Google’s eye by earning its trust. Now even if they don’t perform satisfactorily, it doesn’t bring bad luck to them as Google trust them.

You also must have that, and the formula is by having a higher domain authority. Now the question arises as to how to get that? Very simple! By building high-quality links. If you get a link from eminent domains, trusted one’s you are going to get massive traffic overload to your website from organic searches

Remember! Other sellers in the market offering the link packages not necessarily consider domain authority as well. It’s only us who gives you the domain authority in an affordable price.


Why should you choose us for this service?

·         We provide you an inbound link for the site having Domain Authority of 25+ (Wow!)

·         The link will be put in an amazingly written article having 40 + keywords.

·         This will bring your site to Google notice and will boost your ranking.

·         We will provide you a complete report on where the link is placed (What else do you want?!)



·         Light: 10 posts will be provided

·         Power: 20 posts will be provided



I will build 10,000 Dofollow ser Backlinks for SEO Ranking

Search Engine Ranking is different balls game.

According to recent study I read on backlinko found out backlinks is the only and most important factor of Google even in 2016, only thing that changed is the relation of how relevant the backlink is to the website, backlinks is still is the most important factor of SEO so if you opt out from it your website would be in deep ocean of search results

You have to optimize your website to get desired results, with my service I will help you get the best quality backlinks

All the backlinks you will get would be do-follow that means search engines will be following them to your site perfect for rankings

Now providing 10,000 thousand amazing Do Follow Backlinks that will improve your website to get you higher rankings and results

Our service will improve the overall SEO percentage of your website which will help in rankings for any keyword for any location, including local SEO, backlinks is one of the most important factors you can optimize a website

What we would need is the following

Requirements for this gig:

Your Website URL (can be any website or video URL of any website)

Keywords: (can be unlimited of any number usually we need about 5 to 20 keywords in between)


Whats so special about my do follow SEO service:

  • Unique Content will be written to carry out link building
  • Article that is understandable and to the point related to content of the website
  • Fantastic mix of backlinks from various directories, wikis and web 2.0
  • Full mix of backlinks ranging from articles to quality directory posting and wiki posts


We provide 

100% Humming Bird/Panda or any other update safety

100% Satisfaction on our service

100% Refund Policy if you don’t get satisfied with our service

What you are looking for is amazing deal 🙂

Don’t miss it!


Get Best Social Bookmarking Service 

SEO Submission Service – Posting to Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is one of the most important metric in search results if you have massive social bookmarking signals google would prefer you and give you the top spot in searches giving you amazing traffic with out any paid campaign all traffic would be organic so don’t forge to improve the most loved factor of google algorithm.

Social bookmarking backlinks will pass the juice to your website even with no follow attribute to the backlink created to your website

Bookmarking websites has a system to up vote websites specially reddit where community members would up vote the content they like, this is where we can come handy and give you the boost it needs to be on front page of social bookmarking websites


We have over thousands of different social bookmarking websites where we would be posting for you and get that link juice that your website need to get amazing results in google rankings and traffic


SEO Submission Service – Posting to Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Advantages of availing my services:

  • Top Rated Seller
  • On Time Delivery
  • PDF Report Of All Work Done
  • 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

Want To Promote Your Business?

  1. I can provide you with Best Manual Links from the Top Notch Websites
  2. I will ping your Bookmarks to over 80 Directories

My services are valid for

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • YouTube videos
  • Linkedin Pages
  • Gigs


I Do Not Promote

  1. Porn
  2. Affiliate links
  3. Contraband
  4. Pharma Sites

Just Drop By Your WEBSITE URL and Sit Back To Enjoy The Amazing Services 🙂 



WEB 2.0 WITH BUFFER SITES LINK BUILDING SERVICE                                          

I am providing you the most powerful link building strategy for your website to get high rank on search engine, because everyone wants to have high rank on search engine in order to get maximum social-engagement and more visibility on the website. I am also offering you to be the owner of mini-network of super web 2.0s.

For the effective link building method, the best strategy is to create authority web 2.0 blogs. This requires a lot of hard work and effort but the links are long term and authentic.


  • –          100% unique HR platform
  • –          No duplication
  • –          Sharing of every link on social platform (Facebook, Google+ etc.)
  • –          High and relevant DSLR images and videos
  • –          Unique credentials
  • –          High PR Contextual links
  • –          Links will Increase power of these TIER 1 sites
  • –          Blog comments to pass the multi-vitamin juice to TIER 2 layer
  • –          Premium indexing service




  • –          5 high quality buffer sites creation
  • –          Sites with Private policy and contact pages
  • –          Each property with 15 articles in total = 3 unique article x 5 sites
  • –          Relevant images and videos
  • –          Unique credentials
  • –          All sharing of TIER 1 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


  • –          250 Contextual links
  • –          Good PR websites


  • –          1000 blog comments
  • –          To push to tier 2 contextual links


  • –          Link indexing of all tiers
  • –          Premium indexing service



  • –          10 high quality buffer sites creation
  • –          Sites with Private policy and contact pages
  • –          Each property with 30 articles in total = 3 unique article x 10 sites
  • –          Relevant images and videos
  • –          Unique credentials
  • –          All sharing of TIER 1 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


  • –          500 contextual links
  • –          Good PR websites


  • –          2000 blog comments
  • –          To push to tier 2 contextual links


  • –          Link indexing of all tiers
  • –          Premium indexing service




  • –          15 high quality buffer sites creation
  • –          Sites with Private policy and contact pages
  • –          Each property with 45 articles in total = 3 unique article x 15 sites
  • –          Relevant images and videos
  • –          Unique credentials
  • –          All sharing of TIER 1 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


  • –          1000 contextual links
  • –          Good PR websites


  • –          5000 blog comments
  • –          To push to tier 2 contextual links


  • –          Link indexing of all tiers
  • –          Premium indexing service


1. What is the turnaround time?

– 10 – 15 days

2. What is the quality of the content?

– Unique, readable and generated by Article Builder, Kontent Machine and Word AL.

3. Is there any guarantee?

-100% refund policy, if I fail to deliver the service with any excuses. Any deleted or inactive property will be replaced without any extra charges within 30 days.


Create 499 Permanent High PR Backlinks, Exclusive Seo Links

Create 499 Permanent High PR Backlinks, Exclusive Seo Links

If you are looking for permanent high PR backlinks, I am here for help mix of do follow and no follow links bring amazing juice pointing to your website with amazing results, Quality backlinks would be provided with low outbound going links and extremely high page rank

This would help you land in the first quickly for low competition keywords the sites from where it would be linked would be old aged domains with a lot of authority in the eyes of Google.

Permanent High PR Backlinks Contains:
Page Rank from PR 3 to PR 9

Permanent Backlinks never would be deleted

Highly related to your website

High DA and PA of domains

Since getting the traffic to your site is not easy at all. People do every technique to get traffic some works while others, not I would properly do the service, so you get the most out of the service

I will create high PR backlinks would be 100% guaranteed and would draw Traffic to your website.

Backlinks will consist:

500 plus backlinks would be made

100% Penguin update safe or any other future updates

What I need:

Your website URL


Now time to shoot up the stats in google analytics

Time to get the sales and visitors you need to get the best profit

My service has helped many people and so would be yours I am here at woorke.com helping you get the best service possible of link building

100% Satisfaction on my Permanent High Pr Link Building Service


introducing one of the most required facility i-e ARTICLE SUBMISSION SEO Service

Submit to 7450 Article Directories, with 500 Contextual Backlinks

We will find, spin and submit an article related to your niche to 7450 ARTICLE DIRECTORIES.

You will get 250 auto-approved links, each with two contextual back-links.

Click Order Now and sit back to enjoy the ride.

$5 Package includes:

  • Finding the appropriate article according to your need if you don’t have
  • Spinning your article as many times as required to get the desired shape and content, in order to get minimum plagiarism
  • Spinning for 60 to 80% unique content
  •  Submission to 7450 Article directories
  • The context will definitely include the URL of your website ( 2 URL’s accepted per an order )
  • 250 auto-approved links
  • 500 contextual back-links

Provide us with:

  • 1 or 2 URL’s
  • About 30 relevant keywords ( can be long tail keywords too)
  • Article 400 to 600 words, along with title ( Don’t have an article? No problem we will dig it from the desired niche)

Want to ADD more? Check out our GIG Extras

Social Juice Extra for $100: highlight and make yourself visible in the Social Network

Budget Booster for $50: live SEO blog comment backlinks. Enhance your link building.

Still not enough??? Use our highly professional packages to upgrade yourself.

package #5

150+ Edu SEO Quality Backlinks Service for Higher Rankings

The Backlinks would be made on different Edu blogs and websites, we would be posting your link to various college and university websites the backlinks can be of any sort it can be contextual a blog comment or full home page link.

We have over 60+ Edu domains in our list where we post and 150 plus general college and university related website where these posting would be carried out

It would be mix of do follow and no follow all the domains in our system have tremendous value to give as soon as the links are placed you would see your ranking going sky high because the power of Edu will come into action making your sites jump from 100 page to 1st page in few weeks

You can use the service for any sort of link, for website it would improve the ranking improving the domain authority and page authority

If you use it for blogs it would give you amazing results as well giving you the ultimate boost that it requires to be seen in google searches

If you use it for youtube videos it would improve the video ranking in google as well as on youtube the service comes in handy to bring your video within youtube searches as well

For facebook page, it would give you thousands of free likes best service to get those free likes coming in on your page

Edu links on twitter profiles would definitely bring your profile in google searches and tweets would be appearing in searches because of the authority the Edu and Governmental links have

150+ EDU Backlinks:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • YouTube Videos
  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter Profiles

What I need :

1-5 URLs
1-3 Keywords terms per URL

Let’s get ready to scale your business now with amazing powerful links.


package #8



After reading the title, you must be thinking what does this back linking mean?? What is meant by SEO?? And finally, how on earth it can improve your website??


Well, the answers to these questions are quite easy and inter connected. You can’t understand what back-linking is until you know about SEO and understanding their relation can explain how it will improve your website.


Backlinks are the links that will connect your website to other website or in other words it will give direction to the visitors to your website from another different website. It is just like a sign board installed on the road side and tells you the direction to your destination. These backlinks are more like sign boards. They give direction to people towards your website. Just like sign boards are installed on the road side in the same way these backlinks are posted on other websites that are closely related to your website so that people who are interested may also click on the link of your website and pay a visit to your website.


Backlinks are also called as Inbound links (IBL’s). The number of backlinks gives an indication of popularity and follower-ship of a website. Backlinks are important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You must be thinking why is it so important to SEO or Search Engines?? Well, there is a very solid and strong reason behind it and that is the search engines like Google give more credit or higher ranking to those websites that have better, high quality, reliable and large number of backlinks. That’s the only reason why those websites with High Quality backlinks are more reliable and more likely to be seen in Google’s search results and that too in top preference.


If you are looking for increasing High-Quality Backlinks to your website, then we can surely help you.

We can run a new program to provide you fantastic manual backlinks in the service.
Here you will find much more to improve Website Ranking!!

Manual 2 Days SEO Includes:

  • ·         50+ Back links
  • ·         5+ High Pr7
  • ·         05+ Unique Domains
  • ·         20+ Unique Article Comments
  • ·         50+ Blog Comments

If you want a real boost in your search rankings you NEED high PR backlinks. Low quality links from low PR sites are less than worthless; they will actually HURT your rankings, or worse, get your site banned.
As part of this limited time only gig I will give you 50 (temporally 5!) authoritative links from some of the biggest PR9 – 2 sites on the planet like:

·                    Best Seo Ranking Service for you!

  • ·         Guarantee improving website Ranking 100%
  • ·         Natural mix of no and do follow, anchored and brand links
  • ·         Detailed report
  • ·         24/7 Customer Support
  • ·         100% Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee!

package #9

80 Real High PR BACKLINKS, Do Follow PR8, PR9 Authority Backlinks Service

The first question is what exactly this Backlink is??


It is one of the ways of improving your ranking on Google.

Links your business website with other website and improves your ranking on Google.

All of the backlinks are not equal and so it won’t always be helpful to you if you want to improve your Google rankings. Some of the back links might fail to improve your ranking and some may cause a serious damage to your website and your rankings. Therefore, your focus should be on acquiring High Quality back links

80 Real High PR BACKLINKS, Do Follow PR8, PR9 Authority Backlinks Service
I will create 80 Real High PR Back links
·        Do follow
·        PR 8
·        PR9
·        Authority
·        Anchor
·        Seo


I will blast your site creating 80 web 2.0 properties, and web 2.0 profile backlinks on mostly high PR websites.


These are powerful back links made in a mixture of PR1 to PR8 websites. Even a PR9. That means that PR Will Range from a Minimum of PR1 to a Maximum of PR9! (PR from domain).
What does our Service include??

  • Natural Mix of Do follow and no-follow back-links (most are Do follow).


  • Natural Mix of Anchored and nonanchoredback links (in the first report).


  • 100% anchoredback-links (in the second report).


  • Unique IP’s in every submission.


  • Up to 4 Keywords or keyphrases allowed per order (long tail keywords allowed).


  • Foreign customers are welcome. This gig supports any language!


  • All niches allowed.


  • Finally, I will provide two reports with all the links created.

We are Highly Rated Seller with 100% Rating.
Penguin 3.0 & Hummingbird 100% Safe
Up To Date with Latest 2016 Updates
Fast Service Available

Don’t buy thousands of back links. Buy only Quality links that will make your site look trust able.


package #10

 75 PR 10 Niche Backlinks

while searching on the internet every person uses Google to explore the searched keywords. What if a person Google keyword that’s being included in your niche and find your website on the first and top of the result page? Just imagine… You might be familiar with ranking on the keywords in Google. It is the matter of all about the SEO of your website. Do you know what is best about Google? That you can rank your website for unlimited amount of keyword..! Isn’t it a good thing…It’s all about the SEO of your website and how properly it being managed.

What we provide in service :

  •  75 PR 10 Backlinks

Backlinks plays a very important role in order to rank your website. Link building is a major factor in Google ranking That is why our service is mainly focused on  Backlinks. It surely helps you and bring the real organic traffic to your website. Beat your competitors by simply having more and better link building, you would rank higher and higher

35 days SEO :

For the mentioned prise, we provide 35 Days SEO complete campaign that would include:

Tier 1 which is delivered in 2 Days

  1.  40 High PR (Page rank would vary from 7-11)
  2. Facebook-PR 9
  3. WordPress-PR 9
  4. Tumblr PR 8
  5. Academic/ EDU(Education website backlinks) PR 8
  6. Free links to Slideshare or LinkedIn, Evernote and Scribd

Tier 2

After 35 Days Tier 2 will be delivered to you which would contain

  1. 35000 Backlinks for your website( a complete GSA campaign )
  2. Article, Blog comment, Microblog, Document Sharings. Social Bookmarks, Web 2.0, Wiki and much more


Don’t worry about our service we provide the best quality. Your work is our responsibitily. Our work is 100% Guaranteed and 100% Satisfactory.

Always Deliver ON TIME..!


package #11

I Will create 40 High PR Back links include 20 EDU gov

Buy 40 High PR Edu Government Backlinks

Backlinks link your website to other websites and increase your ranking on Google rankings. Backlinks is quite helpful because as it increase your ranking it also increases the frequency of visitors and so as the trafficking of your website.

If you will have High Google ranking then your website will appear in the top list of Google search and will hence, increase the trafficking and so as the Genuine Customers/ visitors.


If you want to have High Google Ranking, we are here to provide you with High PR Backlinks.


Buy 40 High PR Edu Government Backlinks


What do we do??

We create 20 EDU GOV and 20 PR9-PR6 Backlinks.

We create

·         Apple

·         Apache

·         Word Press

·         Amazon

·         And more sites
All links do follow, and no follow, it’s safe and gets natural look


What does our service include??

·                Increase SEO.

·                100% Safe

·                100% Satisfied.

·                 Increase Traffic.

·                Penguin Panda safe.

·                Increase Your Rank.

·                Do follow.

·                SEO Friendly.

·                More than 80% indexing. (I’m using indexing service)



— Backlinks without indexing has no value. My backlinks service comes with indexing service.


What do we require from you???

We only need your URL and Keywords (Max 5).




You are going to get all of these High-Quality Services.

Sound like a GREAT DEAL!!!

Order Now!!



package #12

I will build advanced SEO Dominator to your website to boost your rank on search engine
Ranking of your website on top of search results is really very important. If you will have a website with high ranking on search engines then you will definitely have high probability of large number of genuine visitors on your site.

If you have an online retail store kind of business then visits of real customers will definitely result into massive increase in your sales and so as profits, if you do not run an online business even though web trafficking is really very important. It could only be achieved if you will have high ranking on the search engines.

If you’re looking for something that will help you rank your website on the first page of search engine, you’re in the right place! With my perfect link building strategy, which is a mixture of No-Follow and Do-Follow backlinks, will assist to RANK YOUR WEBSITE NATURALLY!

I’ll send you a full report. This strategy helped many of websites dominate search engine!

P.S Cheapest and best Submission! ATT: If you don’t have article, we’ll scrape one for you (English only)

For your convenience, we have introduced three different packages:

Package # 1:

·         Mini SEO Dominator

Package # 2:

·         SEO Dominator

Package # 3:

·         Super SEO Dominator
So what are you waiting for?? ORDER NOW!!

For more information, contact us.

Package #13

I will create High PR Back links, Exclusive Seo Links

The first question is What exactly this Back link is??

It is one of the ways of improving your ranking on Google. Backlinks your business website with other website and improves your ranking on Google.

All of the back-links are not equal and so it won’t always be helpful to you if you want to improve your Google rankings. Some of the back-links might fail to improve your ranking and some may cause a severe damage to your website and your rankings. Therefore, your focus should be on acquiring High Quality back-links.


When we say High PR Backlinks, it means providing Quality Profile backlinks to your website from Trust Rank & High Authority Domains i.e

·        PR9

·        PR8

(PR8,PR9,PR10- root domain)

This Seo service increases your SERP, so more people will be able to see you, and you will be able to receive more web traffic and real visitors.


Who are we??

·         We provide Quality SEO!

·         We have 100% Rating!

·         We provide 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

·         We believe in Happy customers!


What do we do??

·         We provide BackIinks from High PR domains (min PR8, max PR10-root page)

·         Friendly for all search engines

·         Manual work

·         Most backIinks are do follow

·         Fast Delivery

·         Google safe backIinks

·         Included some gov & Edu backlinks

·         Many of them Angela Style contextual backIinks.

·                Full report with Usernames & Passwords to control these Iinks!


We will provide you all of this and much more.

So what are you waiting for??? Order Now!!


package #14

I will create over 1000 CONTEXTUAL Wiki style links using efficient software


Looking forward to ranking your site better?


One of the most successful ways to rank better with Google and Search engines is creating strong Backlinks.


My services are effective for Hummingbird, Penguin and panda as the posts created contain contextual wiki style links which are further related to your keyword phrase(s).


The software that I use goes through a process of finding wiki sites across various domains and makes posts with your links. The software is very safe and guaranteed.

I will provide you PDF report of all your links sent.

No porn or adult sites are appreciated!

This gig is ideal for the following

·         Websites

·         Blogs

·         Articles

·         Affiliate Pages

·         Hub Pages

·         Videos

·         Facebook Pages



Wiki style links are important because they are based on hypertext which means that its purpose is to build the web which helps the customers in gaining information relevant to the subject on hand.

These links are of great importance in today’s world, because these are an excellent source of achieving search engine results. Quality links will help you in branding yourself and not only this it will also help you in building relations across the internet which in the end will promote your business among diverse group of people.

Woorke is one of the biggest marketplaces where you can buy links for very low prices.

But you need to know most of the sellers there you software to generate artificial links which as be very harmful.

So when I say you get bonus ping on Woorke, it means that we will be providing you with actual links.


Place your ORDER NOW and enjoy our cool services.


package #14

I will do 18000 Backlinks from 6000 Wiki to website Blog or You tube for SEO on Google

Backlinks are important because they increase in your popularity.

The more Backlinks a website has indicates that Google will be giving it more credit and importance over others in result pages for a search query.

Backlinks are also important because one can use them to rank their content highly.

Backlinks are important but more important are QUALITY BACKLINKS for the reason that the links they point towards are other websites which have higher authority than the current site.

So your idea of getting Backlinks is not at all bad, you just need to click on ORDER NOW to place your order and increase in your popularity.


Silver Package

·    18000 contextual Backlinks from 6000 Wikis (3 links/ pages)

Gold Package

·   18000 Wikis

·  3500 GSA

Platinum Package

·        36,000 Wikis

·        7000 GSA

·        50,000 Blog Comments

·     Real EDU Root Domain is Included

Spin tax Are also Accepted

The anchors are in article which you can send me or I can scrape one for you 🙂

The services offered by me are 100% guaranteed and you would not be able to find anyone who is offering it on such cheap rates.

And trust me you would not get such remarkable packages anywhere on the internet providing you with so many things in such cheap prices.

So place your ORDER NOW and avail amazing offers to expand your business across the globe in low rates.


package #19

I will do 50 blog comments on High Authority links manually




  • ·         Work will be done manually
  • ·         Do-follow Backlinks
  • ·         Average OBL
  • ·         Generic Comments
  • ·         No use of bots or software
  • ·         More than 1 keyword accepted for better results.
  • ·         Report Submitted after posting
  • ·         On time delivery
  • ·         We do not allow Adult, Gambling or illegal material


For more than 50 Blog Comments kindly place an order again 😉

Getting an authority link to your blog is one of the significant aspects of growing your blog in today’s world to build links.

The superior the site from which link is coming from, the superior will be the link.

So while going for campaigns regarding link building, one need it to be surrounded by attractive authority links.

By using it, you will be filling the gap that the web information contains off by giving your expert advice and well-reasoned arguments.

So it will be telling your viewers that what will be your blog about in the future or up coming days.
This is a limited time offer and I am sure you don’t want to lose the opportunity of ranking your website in Top engine searches. Grab the opportunity before it’s too late!


Grow your website naturally through this gig. For any other Queries Inbox us. Cheers!


package #20

I will do SEO backlink service to website blog or Youtube to rank on search engine

Before you decide whether you want to buy this gig or not, you first need to understand what it is all about and whether you need it or not and once you are done with the reading and understanding part. You are free to move forward or make the order.

For a common man like you and me, it is really very rare to understand all technical terms. So, from reading the title of my gig you must have known very little. That’s the only reason why I first want to explain you what the Backlinking actually is and how can it be useful to you and your business.

Backlinking is another name of posting the link to your website, page, account or blog on the page, account or site of another individual. What it will do is it will attract the visitors of that website to your website.

If you are looking for increasing your web trafficking through creating backlinks then we are here to help you. We will provide you with building 10 blogs with an open circle structure for you (good PA DA CF TF metric), & then ping all the web 2.0 sites. After it I’ll create a total of 3000 backlinks to support the blogs. Then I’ll send you a full report + login details. This strategy helped many of websites dominate search engine!

P.S Cheapest and best Submission! ATT: If you don’t have article, we’ll scrape one for you (English only )

So ORDER NOW!! And Be Happy!!!


package #21

30 PR1-PR8 web 2.0 properties

After this gig is done you might see your backlink on high authority sites like: wordpress.com, livejournal.com, tumblr.com, weebly.com, blogger.com, depending if these sites will accept your niche.


– 30 web 2.0 Properties all Unique Domains

– 2500 social bookmarks Linkjuice

– Bonus 5000 blog comments Linkjuice IF requested

– Penguin 3.0 & Panda Safe!

– Full .xls report

Hyperl!nks to your site will be in resource box as generic keywords.


NOTE! If you order Triple Package/Budget Booster, extra fast delivery won’t be applied to them and will be delivered in 14 days.